Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Rogue Star Wars Movie...

I never cared for Star Wars. I never used to miss Hollywood movies at the times when the prequels hit the screens. Even then I didn't watch them. To me they were movies in which dudes fought with tube lights. Then I read the humorous comics by Jeffrey Brown and slowly caught up what the fuss was all about. I have watched the original trilogy and Force Awakens till now and am yet to see the prequel trilogy. Now the latest one, Rogue One is out.

Rogue one is the prequel to the sequel trilogy and the sequel to the prequel trilogy. How's that? I love it when I speak about Star Wars to those who never watched it. I have acquired expertise in confusing the shit out of them. It's total chaos when I explain the time line of the movies. (Before Star Wars, I used the John Travolta- Nicolas Cage movie Face-off for this purpose. But people sometimes actually figure out the plot of that one.) To make it simple Rogue One leads to A New Hope, which happens to be the first Star Wars Movie ever made. It came in 1977.

It seems the idea of Rogue One came from the opening scroll of A New Hope. To those who watched A New Hope, it will be interesting to find out how the maps of Death Star, the WMD developed by the empire ended up with Luke Skywalker. The title Rogue One is also apt because this movie, though very much part of the canon, stands apart from other movies. Several characteristic traits of other movies in the series are absent in this one and with reason. There is no recurring mentions of the Force, no Jedi training, no comic side kicks and most disappointingly we get to see a light saber only by the end of the movie.

Rogue One is more like a war movie. Its like that last part of The Matrix, in which cool fights in green tint were kept minimum and much focus was given to the war between humans and machines. It sucked because we all went to watch the cool fights in green tint. But Rogue One gets its feet right because, unlike The Matrix Spoiled, it makes sure we care for the handful of characters. We know how it turns out in the end but the story and situations, though similar to other installments, really invests in emotional returns.

Those who never watched Star Wars before might get frustrated by the climax. But watching A New Hope is the only solution for that.

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