The (Never Ending) Blog Roll

Blog hopping is every blogger's favorite pastime. The best thing about moving through blogs is that you expand your own thinking circle, by reading about lot of different topics. And you never know what lies in the next blog that you are about to visit. Of course I will be lying if I say that the readership that you in turn get by this exercise hurts!!! I got some very intelligent readers, some of them regular for my blog through blog hopping. 

So I think instead of dedicating some four lines of last updated blogs in the side bar, these intelligent blogger friends, if I may call them so, deserves a separate page... and this is the result. And one more thing, the blogs featured here are in no order of their merit.  

Purba is a veteran (you will never notice it in her looks :) ) blogger, who has this amazing site called A-musing, in which she writes on a variety of topics, mainly humorous satires on current events. 

Nona has a site called Nona's Pensive that is a bit similar to mine and that is why I am a regular there. He writes on every day musings, movie and book reviews and some really funny anecdotes. Another temptation is that he puts reviews of English movies much before they release in India, thanks to his job in a foreign land.  

Freebird is Alka Gurha, who, I feel is the most wittiest person I encountered in Blog land. Politicians, sport stars, artists - no one escapes from her satiric posts that cover a lot of ground...

Vandana has a wonderful blog- Raindrop, which is quite a personal one, but relate-able to anyone who reads it. The mood is very reflective and the posts are soothing and relaxing to the mind. 

Chandrika calls herself A Reserved Chit-chatter, but don't expect any casual, lazy, chit chat there. And don't get deceived by the short posts. She tells an anecdote and then puts forth a query innocently that makes you scratch your head and think... 

Global Madrasi - This blog by Ramesh, a media person working in middle east, is a reader's pleasure. The topics are varied- personal to professional to motivational. The writing is laced with humor with fitting parables. I feel that we are having a conversation over a cup of hot coffee. 

This lady who calls herself Restless writes a wonderful blog called My World- My Perception. I would recommend this one for all of my readers who ever stumbles here. Strong willed opinions, an understanding of fine arts, varied topics... 

And there are more to come... I did not mention even half the bloggers whom I feel you should regularly follow.