Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Present- TENSE... Future?

Do you know what is the most difficult part in life? You take a decision that involves a tremendous risk, one that you had taken and regretted before, which takes time to deliver results, you are going more deeper to a point of no return and you have only optimism that things will work for your aid. That time between the decision making and getting a result of it, good or bad, is the most difficult time... a time through which I am going through now. But I really have a gut feeling that the future is going to be bright, even when present is risky and tensed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Diet Prose

After twitter my prose is on diet. Tweeting or microblogging is a way of putting your ideas in the shortest way possible. I was surprised how difficult it is to tell something simple in less words. Great exercise for the language.

Aappu Kitti!!!!

I am angry today.... I am really feeling let down.
It is not a new thing, but I am happy that whatever others did to me I did the right thing. As always....
Today the HR executive says they are planning to cut my 15 days salary. Because I offered to stay for one month and help them in training the guy replacing me. Worst thing is I actually did that. May be now they think they can afford to make me fel bad....
If I had run away without informing to work in Cohera, I would have been in profit.
OK, I may suffer for a month, but if this thing leaks no one will resign from FPL. They will just abscond. Every month after the salary day there will be a missing man. Then who will suffer really?
I will go and give a piece of my mind to my boss and CEO, whatever they decide I am ok with it.....
I have seen worse things in life....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are like that only...

Morning I was watching a movie by Satyajith Ray, the master filmaker, in DD channel- Shatranj ke Khiladi. We knows the value of DD only on such occasions while you find such gems once in a while when browsing through channels.

It is a movie set at the times of first reevolution 1857. Avadh is the last egg that Company wants to add in their basket and they are planning to annexe the kingdom by hook or crook. Avadh's Nawab is a weak ruler interested more in poems and art fforms and totally ignores complicated politics. Slowly British is about to accomplish the task without shedding blood or without a shot fired.
Parallely another story runs. Two rich noble men, both great friends are looking for a place to play Shatranj, chess without being pestered by their household or social isues. A series of comic situations are unfolded and Ray shows us what the whole country was doing at these times of trouble thereby helping Company indirectly in their mission.
The starcast is quite huge and the actor's work is commendable. Richard Attenborough stars as the shrewd Company General. Amjad Khan gives life to the role of weak Nawab, Sanjeev Kumar and Saeed Jaffrey portrays the role of chess players while Shabana Azmi and Fareeda Jalaal are their wives respectively. Farooq Sheikh acts as Fareeda's secret lover. Amitabh is the narrator of the story.
The movie although set in past gives a strong message to the present and future to learn from it. It is crystal clear when Sanjeev Kumar's character tells in the last scene- "after nightfall, we will go back home. We both need darkness to hide our faces." They knows they are doing a crime to their country and family by not doing their duties towards them, but they are so immersed in their vices that they cannot correct it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where are the giants?

Do any of you remember the stars of yesterdays, the real men? I am talking about the guys like Dileep Kumar, Amitabh, Kamal, Rajni, Jayan, Sukumaran and the recent lot like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar etc.
These figures used to look big and matured, even at the times when they started the career. Imagine Amitabh in Anand or Deewar, Dileep Kumar in Mughal E Azam, or Kamal in Sathya . They dont seem changed much even after years. But just look at the recent lot. All look like small kids or try to look so. Aamir, Akshay or Shahrukh being such talented actors never look or feel matured like the above said guys. All want themselves to be teen agers. Is it a trend of the times? or is it that its youngsters who come out to watch movies these days and they want to be appealing to them?
Think of Jayaram, when he came in Aparan, I dont think any one thought of him as a boy. He was like a grown up man. But think of Dileep, he still looks like a boy. You know what I mean. I had asked these to many guys to check whether I am just feeling that way because when these formers debuted I was a boy. But every one agrees with me.
What I feel is that there wont be actors like Suresh Gopi or Jayan or Amitabh any more. Or even female actors like Hema Malini or Shobhana. There wont be supporting actors like Thilakan, Venu, Murali or Nana Patekar. All we can see is polished good looking actors with chiselled looks. May be it is the modernisation.

Spoiled oppertunities...

You have some wonderful actors who have proved their mettle, you have a novel story thread that involves lot of contemporary issues like oppresion of weaker sex and a premise on the subcontinent's present rage- cricket. What can you do with it?
You can royally screw up the whole thing by making the leading pair run around trees and sing! Unbelievable... thats bollywood, a whole oppertunity to make a classic film spoiled by putting in lot of predictability and cliches.
I watched Dil Bole Hadippa last day... I wouldnt have seen (seen not watched!) it full if it didnt had Rani and Anupam Kher who puts up superb performances with a wafer thin script. Shahid Kapoor after a brilliant performanF in Kaminey totally goes beserk aping Shahrukh a la Chakde Style.
Come on, man! we have seen NRI returned choclate heroes, we have seen heroines teaching them indian culture, we have seen them running around trees and going on dates... but we havent seen an Indian heroine with a cricket bat in her hand kicking some ass in cricket field dressed up as Sardar with thick beard. Instead of decveloping on these novelties you ended up serving us same old stuff yet again... Dissappointing!


Last week I gave my resignation from FPL. There was an offer from my friend that was standing from months. Finally I decided to take it. It is good if it goes as he has told, I get a hike of 20% and stake of 10% in his firm. Yes, this is the same place I had worked before joining FPL. Hope things goes right this time around.
Fortunately relieving from FPL wont be a big task as I thought. My reliever will join next week. Then it will be only a case of handing over the tasks to him and ESCAPE!
I will have to shift my home somewhere near Whitefield. House owner says he can give advance only on January.. have requested to do something about it. That problem also will be solved if some one agrees to come therwe soon. After all it is a much coveted house in the neighborhood.
Friends are looking for a home already. I have to go there tomorrow to check out some places. I have told amma that we wont be getting a home so big and nice as the present one in city, but hope she wont mind.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blast after Bomb scare..

Finally I went to watch a Cricket match Live to a stadium. Yesterday I went to Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore, for watching the Champions league 20-20 match between Blore Royal Challengers and Delhi Daredevils. Evening there was a bomb scare when some bomb residue was found from a J & K junior cricketer came to participate in some local cricketing event. Lot of rumors where going around that match may be cancelled or postponed. Being from the most politically volatile area in Kerala, Kannur, I have always been living under bomb scare. In election times it is high possibility that there may an explosion but all goes and posts their vote. So for me a threat as this is like "Vedikkettukaraneyaa udukku kotti pedippikkunnathu" kind of thing.

When we entered the stadium the match between Cape cobras and Victoria was proceeding. An extremely boring match, but it served the purpose of getting accustomed to the stadium feeling. Watching a match on screen and real are totally different experiences. When you first see a match live you will be confused for a while. You wont know where to look. On the screen, players, scoreboard or the crowd. In a matter of half an hour things will be clear and you will be able to enjoy the match. But if you like to watch the proceedings clearly, analyze each and every ball bowled and every shot played better do it in the comfort of your home and tv. Here the atmosphere and ambiance will be great and you can have a good time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

An apology and a threatening

Karan Johar apologized to Raj Thackaray and Shiv Sena for referring Mumbai as Bombay in his movie Wake Up Sid. And what else can you expect from him. When eyes are only on cash register you cannot hurt any ones feeling. So beg their pardon and live the life of an asshole that you are.

Protests where also against Kaminey which refers to activities against non mumbaikars in city. Shows were stalled for days in Mumbai, but Director Vishal Bharadwaj went on with the release in other parts of India and movie did reasonably well too. So for a movie to work well you need not butter the arses of politicians.

Latest news is that Anurag Kashyap refused to changed his movie's title from Bombay Velvet to Mumbai Velvet. He says the movie is set at a time when Raj Thakaray was not even born and city was called Bombay and if any thing bad happens he will resort to legal action. Now thats a real man talking.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A holy starting for a holiday...

Today is a holiday.It is Vijayadasami, the holy day when Durga killed Asuras and the day Lord Rama assassinated Ravana, the demon king. What better way to start the day other than going to a nearby temple? I am not the religious kind and rarely visits temples. But today as amma was there with me I felt like taking her somewhere out side.

I had been to Ragigudda temple before. Once when I was in PG a good friend had taken me there. I liked the serenity there which you can hardly find in any temple in and around Bangalore.The temple is built on a huge rock. You have to ascend some 20 steps to reach the top. Deity is Anjaneya. There's lot of vegetation around and the Thrimurthi statues they have built there are wonderful.

So we left the home at 7:00 am and reached there by 7:50. It is situated at Jayanagar 9th Block. Temple opens by 8:00 am only. We entered and had darshan. Amma liked the place very much.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Amelie

I happened to watch this pretty French movie Amelie last day on World Movies channel. It is a different movie made with a fresh approach. There is a feel of the German movie Run Lola Run in the picturisation and characterisation. But Amelie is more of a romantic comedy.

It is the story of a shy waitress, who decides to change the life of those around for better and ultimately finds true love of her life. It is also the story of a bunch of absurd and eccentric characters who pops up in every other scene out of nowhere. But the characterization is so good that we can relate to them without any alienation.

A generous dose of surrealism is added to the movie that adds to the magic of the movie. You dont feel astonished when you see the paintings talking to each other.

All in all I strongly recommend Amelie for those who like fresh and green movies.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ultimate foodie show

I have been watching this show aired in NDTV Good times from some time now. If you see the channel you will be knowing that they give much priority to cooking and food related shows. Like Italian Khana, Breaking bread with and In high spirits....
But this show Highway on my plate is my favourite.. The show is hosted by Rocky and Mayur, two awesome foodies who lives to have food... The theme of the show is highway food through out India. These two guys travels on the highways sampling food from road side dhabas and any food joints they can find. And they gives us reviews and advises regarding where to get good food while travelling and the local delicacies available in remote parts of the country.

What makes HOMP special is the raw enthusiasm shown by the hosts in giving us the best. Rocky is a non veg food expert and Mayur is a pure veggie. And what you get is a combo that is special and funny. It often reminds the times when I went out on highway with friends and what all we used to do on our way.

And not to mention the hilarious food quote that they gives at the end of the show... So if you are a foodie, likes experimentations with new things, watch the show ... bring your plate too....
Your free sample:

Legend of Lost Love

How much can some one wait for a lost love to realize....Florentio Arinza waited for a long fifty years... keeping himself pure and serene, waiting for his love's husband to die, to win her back again.

Love at the time of Cholera is the story of Ariza... his long wait....his relations with 600 plus women from different walks of society, that he chronicles labouriously... which helps him to realise his love towards Fermina Daza.

I read this book by Marques, my favourite writer taking a long time... about 6 months... not because it is boring... but due to time constraints. But every time I reads a setence I was back in track.

There is a movie adaptation that I watched about a year back. It was good and even excellent at parts, but the book is just amazing. It covers lot of things that movie doesnt even look into.

It is not a pathetic love story, like Devdas or Laila Majnu, but the book is about love in its various forms, wild, serene, pure, passionate and at the same time vulgur. Each woman whom Ariza sleeps with during his wait is a different world in its own, and Marques leads us into worlds of new virtues and renewed sense of morality.

Another important point covered in the story is about marriage, whether a marriage can exist when there is no love involved in it... merely as a social adjustment and a successful one in that. Fermina's and Dr Urbino's marriage proves it is a possibilty. Only time a quarrel happens between them is when she finds out about an extra marital affair by the doctor and she leaves the home for that. May be she dont want her husband to have a pure love affair which she herslf sacrificed for the sake of a good social life.

The backdrop of cholera gives a hint that love is also as contagious and lethel disease as cholera. Ariza shows the symptoms of Cholera when rejected by love...

Overall the book is not for them who reads just for time pass, read it slow and digest it. This is serious stuff....

Theatrical trailor of the movie:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Uncle....

I became a proud uncle of a beautiful niece. Last Sunday, 7 th of June, my sister gave birth to her first child at Thalassery. More pics and details will follow soon....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Explosive Gulaal

I watched this movie a few weeks back ... and then I watched it couple of times more... because it is a blow on your face when you watch it the first time. It takes time to absorb all the happenings totally into the mind....

Gulaal is the nexe movie of Anurag Kashyap after DevD. It deals with student politics and the impact of interference from outside the campus. Except KK most of the acters are newcomers. But the energy Anurag extrudes from them is explosive, like each character, small or big is a mini atom bomb. Dialogues and situations contributes. Music is excellent, especially the lyrics by Piyush Mishra, who has also starred in an important role, as Prithvi Bana, who is really against what his young brother and revolutionary stands for, the formation of a Rajaputana nation, but is too weak to do anything. Abhimanyu has also done an outstanding performace as Ranasa, who is a prince but doesnt care a damn (excuse the language, it is Gulaal effect again).... I fel Anurag did a good thing by killing him in first quarter itself because if he stayed for the entire movie, screen would have cught fire.

I would recommend it to any body who cares for some serious cinema. If you are for Happily lived everafter KJo stuf, stay out. you wont even understand this movie.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A poem on celluloid- Thirakkadha

Yesterday I had watched and reviewed a small but effective malayalam movie named Thalappavu. Today it happened that I was able to watch another movie that was made at the same time and was much similar to Thalappavu, Thirakkadha, directed by Ranjith.

Ranjith is an extraordinarily talented filmmaker and script writer who has made several good movies. He is comparable to RGV. Like RGV he is intelligent but makes many bad movies due to overconfidence. After brilliant Nandanam, he made craps like Prajapathi, Kayyopu, Rock n roll etc. But in this film we can find a director who is quite sure of what he want us to see.

A similarity between Thalappavu and Thirakkadha- other than the presence of Prithvi and the same time of release is the way story is narrated. Makers dont show any respect for time. It just skips from present to past leaping years together some times and it is done without us getting confused or bored.

The movie is about the magic world of celluloid where dreams are made and demolished in a single friday. Story is similar to some major movie stars real life and some characters are much similar in physical appearences too. But it is not mimicry, we dont feel any awkwardness when they do that.

An aspiring director want to make his next movie about the private life of a superstar's first wife. Movie is about how he travels to find out their past life and long buried secrets and how he manages to make their love story end beautifully.

Prithvi and Anoop does a great job. Anoop never let us feel irritated about his imitating Laal. Priyamani's Malavika makes you feel sorry. Samvritha has nothing much to do. This movie does not hit your conscience or make you think deep like Thalappavu. But still it is beautiful like a small pom and worth a watch.

The Great Indian Thamasha 2009

The great indian Carnival is happening all over the nation, the one that happens every five years- Election to Parliment. All political parties are geared up to lure towards them with promises and accusations about opposite parties. Different caste and religious organisations are out with a list of people they will support if their demands are met. Crores will be flown to the arena as black and white to meet the monetary needs of campaigning, coming from our over democratic crorepatis. Even our second biggest Thamasha- Cricket has given its place to Election and immigrated to Africa this year. News channels are out with 24 hour coverage of election news, exit polls and mud slinging happening. Election commision like a head master, is trying to enforce discipline among all those leaders and politicians who behave worse than kindergarten kids.
And we voters- audiences of this carnival gives the final verdict in few days without any notion what will happen afterwards. UPA, NDA, third front or any forth front- who will be our rulers for next five years? Lets wait and see...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thalappavu- where the killer and the victim units

Just now I was watching a Malayalam movie called "Thalappaavu" (The Turban) directed by debutant director Madhupal. From a long while there is nothing worthwhile to watch out for from Malayalam movies. If any one makes a worthy movie it never releases. This was not the case some time back. There were some extremely competent pack of directors with a powerful grip in craft who made every genre of movies with shoestring budgets. Talented actors- be it a hero, heroine, side kick, villain or comedian gets meaty roles that taps their potential. World class movies where made shown around the globe by the likes of Aravindan, Adoor. And now Malayalam movie is in a pathetic state, talented actors like Mohanlal, Mammootty and Jayaram sleepwalking through some excuses named as cinema. Cheap comedies and worthless action films releases every other week and makes no impact. Many directors passed away and many lost their sheen.

In this darkness some sparks happens rarely some where and we, the greedy audiences gulps it down our throats forgiving the film maker of all its faults.

Madhupal's Thalappavu with all its faults and shortcomings is praise worthy due to its seriousness and sincerity. The story starts with the character of Laal, a cop, shooting the character of Prithviraaj a naxalite.The movie shoots some very basic questions at the audience.

If some one is forced to do a crime , does he have to bear the responsibility of it?

When the whole world turns against you, and your whole existence is under threat, do you have the responsibility to keep a vow of silence?

Do you as an individual have any moral responsibility to prevent injustice happening to your fellow men?

The story is based on a real life incident happened some time back when a police constable agreed hat he had to kill a naxalite leader due to pressure from top, and years later his conscience tortured him to tell to the world. Madhupal has captured the pain of the protagonist very sincerely. The narration is also brisk and fast paced. The movie is not sequential, it jumbles the time frame every other scene, and it never makes the audience confused too. Madhupal has shown a good grip in narrative too.

Actors have done reasonably well, Laal steals the show with his extraordinary performance. Prithviraaj looks a bit out of place in costumes and dialogues, but he cannot help it as a heroic character. Side actors has done very well especially Raju...

What makes the movie unique and great is the theme where ultimately the killer and his victim unites to fight for justice...

Tear jerker

I had to visit a friend last week who was admitted in a hospital after a severe road accident.... I knew it will be awful, and it turned out more than that.

I should say we had become very close friends in a short while of time, in course of three months to be precise. He works in the same place where I works. When I joined there he was on a long leave and then he used to come on two wheeler for work. I travels in company cab, so we never used to meet often, just were aware of each others existence.

Then one day when we were returning in the cab he was there, sitting in front of me with another friend, and they were talking about old Hindi songs, which was my weakness too. Slowly I joined the conversation.In the end we had a wonderful time together...

After that three of us used to meet together at a nearby Dhaba, used to have a great time discussing and singing Kishore, Rafi , Mukesh and Yesudas. We became great friends in course of time. He had a great talent of mimicking singers especially Kishore and Yesudas. We were stunned by the quality by which he can sing in Yesudas voice. When we tell Yesudas he starts "Sarade..." an old Kannada song sung by the master singer.

When my mother was there with me he had come a couple of times. We had dinner together, once he brought sweets after coming from an on duty.

All was going fine, when I received a call on a sunday afternoon... ' V had a serious accident just a few moments back... heard it is serious'. He was coming back after doing overtime in company, when a truck hit his bike very badly... truck was overtaking another vehicle and came to the wrong side. He tried to avoid, but couldn't help getting hit on his right thigh. Truck sped away with out stopping. He was rushed to hospital immediatly.

Barring some minor wounds on his arms, nothing had happened any where on his body except on right leg, right thigh bone was crushed to powder, other bones also severely cracked and deformed. Doctors were recommending amputation, but later tried surgery. All bones replaced by steel rods and waiting for a major plastic surgery.

I had went to see him... Due to heavy medication and less food he has gone totally weak. Heavy pain prevents his voice from coming out, and when I saw his leg I was dumb, I didnt knew what to sayall flesh and blood. I just muttered a get well soon and rushed out. Tears were gushing down the eyes... Just wiped them out because his parents were there. Told them my condolences and came out...

Wish I will sit with him soon and he will sing with the same mood and spirit.... " Sarade"....

Devdas for Gen X

I happened to watch Anurag Kashyap's Dev D last week....

Anurag Kashyap is a talented film maker who made gem of a film called Black Friday about Mumbai blasts. His next movie No Smoking were he tried a Kafkaesque approach of story telling didn't went down well with mass audiences and many critics, who accused him of self indulgence. But many celebrities like Rahul Bose has this movie in their personal favorite list.

After the debacle of No Smoking Kashyap decided to make a movie with more commercial elements. He selected remaking Devdas, an age old love story by Sarath Chandra Chatterjee, told and retold many a times by many film makers, the last one being Bhansali, who made it a costume drama with huge sets and period setting. Kashyap has taken Dev from traditional Bengali setting and made him a contemporary Punjabi youth who flirts with Paro on phone and compels her to send him her nude pics.

Paro is more bolder than original and the decision to abandon Dev is taken by herself. But the show stealer is Chanda (Chandramukhi), who allows Dev to share her room and supports him when he slowly drifts towards self destruction by alcoholism and drug addiction. Contemporary Devdas rechristened DevD is stylish takes the aspirations, madness and mental agonies of today's youth.

Kashyap's best contribution is the twist in ending where, Dev who inches slowly towards death by addiction when confronted with sudden death decides to change his fate and returns to life and Chanda, thereby making the film to end in positive note. Kashyap has not allowed his Dev to die, may be he feels todays youth is much more practical in approach than their counterparts 50 years back.

Acting department is too good, Abhay Deol is superb as Dev, Kalki who did Chanda's role is a real talent box, she is too convincing for the role, other supporting cast is also good. Music is excellent and contributes much to story telling. I think Rock music in its true sense has entered Bollywood now with Nayan Tarase, and rock version of Emotional Atthyachaar.

All in all I will recommend Dev D for all who hate Davdas and pity him for being the drunken loser that he is.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why no posts from long time?

Dont feel like posting any thing! Plain laziness!!!!!!


I dont have anything to say now!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cost Cutting - A Harsh Reality

Cost Cutting..........

Chinese signs

Too Good!!!
China is the place to be for English teachers


The Key to Existence is pushing


I wont........

But where r u?




Have a careful suicide....

I'm NOT going to pay to trim the foot


Still din't understand?....
Neither did I......(May be accident prone area).

Data Breaker

Bottled water in a can

I m going down pressing my head up......

Kamaal hai chinese log.......

Looks like one.....


Sorry i can't treasure the used one.......
Really can't

Isko koi suli pe c
hadha do yaar...






Thanx for the Suggestion...!!!



Yes I WILL.....!!! (Specially CHINESE.....
JJ )



Died on the table? Thanks 4 ur Corporation ..!!!

Movie Roundup

Last week I watched 3 movies- Slumdog Millionnaire, Ghajini ( Aamir's Hindi version) and The Name of the Rose.....

Slumdog Millionnaire is a sure winner. Directed by Danny Boyle who has given such masterpieces like Trainspotting, an epic story on drug abuse, Slumdog is a powerful depiction of life in slums of Mumbai. It is an ode to optimism and hope in life. The acting department was great, the kids were superb, Dev Patel, Irrfan, Anil Kapur all did well. Indians throughout the world has reacted strongly to Slumdog title and showing Indian Poverty in poor light. But I dont feel bad as these are miseries that exists. Such movies should come and we should take a resolve to change the situation.

Ghajini was a dissappointment, may be because I had overexpectations due to the hype, or because I watched it after Slumdog. The movie is just ok. Aamir is not bad, but not as convincing as Surya, who did the Tamil version. Surya was more spontaneous, ruthless and brutal as the killer, at the same time more innocent and smart as the romantic. Aamir does not make you feel the pain the protagonist undergoes.

The Name of the Rose is a movie set in 14 th century Abbey based on the book by Umberto Eco. Sean Connery and Christian Slater stars as two priests called to investigate the mysterious murders of some fellow priests. The movie is suspenseful, scary at times and transferrs you to another world...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Alone Again....


So after one month of staying with Amma, I will be alone for some time from next week...

My sister wants to stay with her and as she cannot travel, both of them has to stay at Tellicherry, and I have to go back to Bangalore alone....

I will be missing the food, really... I cant imagine eating that horrible canteen food again.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Weekend with Hitchcock

Last weekend I spend with Hitchcock, the master film maker who scared the audiences and knocked the senses out of many a women by that bloody dagger scene in Psycho. I was browsing through some DVDs of a road side vendor when I came across this collection of 6 Hitchcock movies- North By Northwest, Psycho, Birds, Trouble with Harry, Man who knew too much and Farmer's wife. Now all knows it is tough to get a perfect DVD from roadside, this one was also not different. Audio and subtitles changes from English to French to Spanish without any provocation in between, audio runs ahead of the video.... all sorts of troubles mars the fun of watching North by northwest, Birds and Psycho.... But thank God I have watched them before. The ones that I never watched are intact and made my weekend special....

The first time I saw a Hitchcock flick was in TNT channel. It was North by Northwest of Cary Grant. Awesome movie with good turns and twist. Ahead of its time.....

The speciality of Hitchcock is that the protagonists will be normal persons going through unusually abnormal circumstances. Their actions wont be supernatural, their emotions, fears and conductance will be like any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A 2009 of new hopes....

So 2008 is done with... finished... rolled back..... stored in the mental attic......

The year was really eventful for me... Lot of really bad experiences and some marvelous occurrences.. all in all a mixed one....

The year started in a hopeful note.. I had arrived one month back in Bangalore after working for a year in Coimbatore, hopes were sky high. I was staying in a PG in Basavanagar, near my 'office'. It was my batchmate's firm, promises were great, it was supposed to be my lucky breakthrough... one that never happened.

In two months I learned my lesson. Things are not that easy. Money IS an issue. Things are going from bad to worse at home. And I cannot do any thing. There was no money to just go out and drink a coffee. Frustrating! At March I went for a trip with my friends to Munnar. A trek from Munnar to Kodaikanal. That was the only silver lining in that dark period.

By April the company expansion was happening, new place, new machines, more people. I felt things will work better now onwards. Next month I got some money after 3 long months. But something changed... after giving money the attitude got wrong. I worked for 5 months with my own interest without any demands and reasonably well too. But after a payment is made I was treated really bad. I dont want to be a field for others to dump their frustrations. On 18 may a day before my birthday I quit the job. On request I decided to work for one month more. I joined CATIA course, just to boost my self and it gave me a truck load of confidense too. I received part of my PF money from Coimbatore...

From July I was jobless. Attended an interview and fought with the HR manager. Then I got interview call from Forgepro. Attended and got the job. I had promised Amma that I will land in a job in just one month, that was fullfilled. Joined in August. Moved to JP Nagar in a PG. Good friends, nice place. I was looking for a rented home to bring mother and settle. Finally in November got a place at Kaggalipura. Gave the advance and started living there by December first.

At the nick of time I received my pending PF payment and was able to pay for all utensils furnitures and things. December middle I went home and brought Amma to Bangalore..

This was my 2008 round up....

Plans for 2009?

No idea my friend. Want to enjoy bachelorhood for some more time. Save some bucks. Reduce stress and tension from life.... And I would also like to join a gym.... and follow a strict work out routine.....

HAPPY 2009