Monday, April 13, 2009

A poem on celluloid- Thirakkadha

Yesterday I had watched and reviewed a small but effective malayalam movie named Thalappavu. Today it happened that I was able to watch another movie that was made at the same time and was much similar to Thalappavu, Thirakkadha, directed by Ranjith.

Ranjith is an extraordinarily talented filmmaker and script writer who has made several good movies. He is comparable to RGV. Like RGV he is intelligent but makes many bad movies due to overconfidence. After brilliant Nandanam, he made craps like Prajapathi, Kayyopu, Rock n roll etc. But in this film we can find a director who is quite sure of what he want us to see.

A similarity between Thalappavu and Thirakkadha- other than the presence of Prithvi and the same time of release is the way story is narrated. Makers dont show any respect for time. It just skips from present to past leaping years together some times and it is done without us getting confused or bored.

The movie is about the magic world of celluloid where dreams are made and demolished in a single friday. Story is similar to some major movie stars real life and some characters are much similar in physical appearences too. But it is not mimicry, we dont feel any awkwardness when they do that.

An aspiring director want to make his next movie about the private life of a superstar's first wife. Movie is about how he travels to find out their past life and long buried secrets and how he manages to make their love story end beautifully.

Prithvi and Anoop does a great job. Anoop never let us feel irritated about his imitating Laal. Priyamani's Malavika makes you feel sorry. Samvritha has nothing much to do. This movie does not hit your conscience or make you think deep like Thalappavu. But still it is beautiful like a small pom and worth a watch.

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