Saturday, May 9, 2009

Explosive Gulaal

I watched this movie a few weeks back ... and then I watched it couple of times more... because it is a blow on your face when you watch it the first time. It takes time to absorb all the happenings totally into the mind....

Gulaal is the nexe movie of Anurag Kashyap after DevD. It deals with student politics and the impact of interference from outside the campus. Except KK most of the acters are newcomers. But the energy Anurag extrudes from them is explosive, like each character, small or big is a mini atom bomb. Dialogues and situations contributes. Music is excellent, especially the lyrics by Piyush Mishra, who has also starred in an important role, as Prithvi Bana, who is really against what his young brother and revolutionary stands for, the formation of a Rajaputana nation, but is too weak to do anything. Abhimanyu has also done an outstanding performace as Ranasa, who is a prince but doesnt care a damn (excuse the language, it is Gulaal effect again).... I fel Anurag did a good thing by killing him in first quarter itself because if he stayed for the entire movie, screen would have cught fire.

I would recommend it to any body who cares for some serious cinema. If you are for Happily lived everafter KJo stuf, stay out. you wont even understand this movie.