Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me & Meri Maggi Moments... spoofed!

I was staying over at a friend's place and for breakfast he made Maggi noodles. It is a long time since I had Maggi noodles, and for the first time on the packet I saw these Me & Meri Maggi stories. A very brilliant idea to advertise a brand that has been around for two and a half decades. Captured by the everyday-ness and simplicity of them, I went on a hunt in internet to find more stories that adorn different Maggi packs. And then I thought of this post, where different imaginary people  recall their Maggi moments: 

Me & Meri Hawala wala Maggi:
Satyanarayan, Hawalapur

I am a hawala agent and I regularly travel a lot with cash and you know how tough a task is to transfer money through Hawala. If someone robs me I cannot even complain to police. I do not even have food from restaurants, as there is this risk involved. Any time I am on road with money, I totally depend on my favorite brand of easy cooking food.. Maggi... Who can forget all those mornings, afternoons and midnights, sitting in a corner of bus stand or railway station, enduring the bites of mosquitoes, always scared of arrest, enjoying the warm, just cooked Maggi...

Me & Meri Supari Wala Maggi: 
Moosabhai, Dharavi

In Mumbai, every one knows me... one and all fears the name of Moosabhai. When even a dog dies in Mumbai in a road accident, police suspects the hands of Moosa... And what do I like...? Garama garam Maggi noodles with thin chops of mutton spread on it... I still remember that rainy day, after just finishing a supari, (was it that Marwari builder or that rogue Eda Anna of Chhota Fakhir gang? You see it is difficult to recollect the details when the dhanda is going very busy.) I was back in my adda with chokre log... and Langda Raju made Maggi and Masala chai... waah

Me & Meri Corruption wala Maggi:
Leader Swayam Bhojan Paandey,  Dilli.

We are the servants of the people and we have to keep up an image in front of them. If some one finds out that the amount I gobbled up is a penny less than my precessor, what face I will show them... I have to face them after five years and they will be with me only if I show them I can bribe their votes. Jan Sevaks has to go through many tough ordeals in their life and to show that I am with the people I eat people's food whenever I am eating in public. That is why on any meetings or Baithak, I make a point to eat a bowl of Maggi in front of cameras.      


  1. LOL. Nice ones. What a coincidence, I recently put a Maggi recipe of my own. :)


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  3. Hahaha creative! You should share it with Maggi people :)

  4. That is some imagination....maggie and mutton?...That reminds me how maggie was our last hope when hostel food sucked!

  5. Loved it Harish.....Your mein aur meri Maggi moments...Priceless!!!

  6. Lol those 'maggi moments' really irritate me at times, you know :) This was awesome!! :P :) Nice spoof!!

  7. haha, great stuff! enjoyed reading this post :D

  8. haha, great stuff! enjoyed reading this post :D