Friday, April 22, 2011

By night in Chile...

I will never tell you that this novel, by Chilean writer Roberto Bolano is a classic one, or that, if you have not read this one, you can jump in a handful of water and die. 

I will never tell you that this is a novel that I will read many times, over and over, in many years that I may walk on this planet earth and get the same pleasure that I got the first time I read it. 

I will never tell you that this novel will teach you how to lead a fruitful life or will give you any message on leading a fruitful life.

I will never tell you that this book will touch your heart, or will make you cry.


I will tell you that this book, the death bed rants of an old cleric, can connect to your life somewhere, like when you decided to put your ideology to rest and decide to flow with the community, or when your individuality took a dip in popularity and your alter ego which judges others became the mask that describes you... 

I will tell you that this incoherent rants of a wanna-be poet, who became a priest, who then became a lap dog of rich and famous, shedding ideology in the winds of opportunism... may be your story too. 


  1. I got a copy of 2666 by Bolano a few days back. It's a mammoth of a book. But I know I am going to finish it.

    There is something about Bolano...

    There is another on my list now.
    thanx for the review.

  2. On my list now. Your review is very tempting :)

  3. Hmm.. written almost poetically, perhaps aptly, because the protagonist was a wanna-be poet. Well done.

  4. Sounds familiar. Probably, at some point of time, everyone lose themselves in the society. I'm gonna read it whenever I get time. Thanks for the review! It was short but to the point.