Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie Roundup

Last week I watched 3 movies- Slumdog Millionnaire, Ghajini ( Aamir's Hindi version) and The Name of the Rose.....

Slumdog Millionnaire is a sure winner. Directed by Danny Boyle who has given such masterpieces like Trainspotting, an epic story on drug abuse, Slumdog is a powerful depiction of life in slums of Mumbai. It is an ode to optimism and hope in life. The acting department was great, the kids were superb, Dev Patel, Irrfan, Anil Kapur all did well. Indians throughout the world has reacted strongly to Slumdog title and showing Indian Poverty in poor light. But I dont feel bad as these are miseries that exists. Such movies should come and we should take a resolve to change the situation.

Ghajini was a dissappointment, may be because I had overexpectations due to the hype, or because I watched it after Slumdog. The movie is just ok. Aamir is not bad, but not as convincing as Surya, who did the Tamil version. Surya was more spontaneous, ruthless and brutal as the killer, at the same time more innocent and smart as the romantic. Aamir does not make you feel the pain the protagonist undergoes.

The Name of the Rose is a movie set in 14 th century Abbey based on the book by Umberto Eco. Sean Connery and Christian Slater stars as two priests called to investigate the mysterious murders of some fellow priests. The movie is suspenseful, scary at times and transferrs you to another world...

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