Monday, December 5, 2016

Kahaani 2: A Piggyback Ride

Kahaani 2 has a good story. But not as good as Kahaani.

Kahaani 2 is a powerful movie. But not as striking as Kahaani.

Vidya Balan acted well in Kahaani 2.   But she was far excellent in Kahaani.

Kahaani 2 is shot beautifully. But it doesn't show the personality of its geography like Kahaani do, by showing the various moods of Kolkatha.

Arjun Rampal is wonderful as the assured policeman accomplice. But Parambrata Chatterji's vulnerability is missing.

Character actors have done good in Kahaani 2. But Bob Biswas and Khan are sorely missed.

The movie has good plot twists and suspense. But it is not intriguing like Kahaani.

Kahaani 2 is thrilling most of the times. But Kahaani offers full on edge of the seat thrills.

Background music complement Kahaani 2. It's BGM elevates Kahaani.

We smile of relief after watching the climax of Kahaani 2. We get dumbstruck and start replaying the whole movie in our minds after watching Kahaani.

So the moral of the story is piggybacking on earlier success can seriously damage your end product. If only they had changed the name of the movie instead of marketing it as a sequel of the much superior Kahaani..!

Postnote: Watch out for Jugal Hansraj, our old "ghar se nikalte hi" guy.     

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