Friday, December 9, 2016

IFFK Bytes: Angel- Invisible Boy and Blind Girl

The second movie that I just watched on 21st IFFK is Angel. It is a Belgian romantic comedy directed by Harry Cleven. Angel is a very mellow movie with a thread bare story line with which making even a coherent film seems impossible, let alone an 80 minute feature that manages to engross and impress.

It is about a boy who is born invisible. His mother decides to keep his existence a secret to protect him from society. But he befriends a blind girl living next door, who is unaware of his secret. They grow up to be lovers. One day she decides to get cure for blindness with expectations of seeing him. But what would he do?

Most of the movie is shot in the point of view of the invisible boy. The tone is mellow and narration is concentrated on conversations. The movie makes the viewers interested in it by reducing every possible distraction on screen to a minimum. There are no beautiful background shots or racy BGM. But the drama is so intent and poignant that you cannot but fall for it.

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