Saturday, December 10, 2016

IFFK Bytes: Cold of Kalandar- Struggle With Nature

Just watched Cold of Kalandar, the Turkish movie directed by Mustafa Kara in IFFK 2016. It is a movie about a man's struggle for survival against nature. Striking visuals of rocky, snowy and wet terrain is the highlight of the movie. It is an inspiring watch.

Mehmet is out on mountains for days prospecting for ore. His wife and others feel it is a waste of time. She fights with him and urges to take up jobs with daily wages and support family. Snow in the mountains halts Mehmet's plans and to survive poverty and debtors, and finally he decide to take his bull for prize fighting. Will luck favor him atleast now?

I found the protagonist of this and the previous one's about which I blogged (After the Storm) similar in too many respects. Both had tasted initial success, but is currently seriously out of luck. Both try to make sense of the world around them with least while others, have labelled them losers. Their family are confused what to make of them and how to deal with them. Both of them finally comes in terms of their situation and rain is a driving factor in both movies for this positive turn.

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