Thursday, December 1, 2016

Doctor Strange: Marvel on Acid

Every next movie in the Marvel Universe these days adds a different genre to the series. The latest one, Doctor Strange brings elements of fantasy. But the best thing about the movie is that it still stay strong on the ground covered by its predecessors. It feels that it is a movie of the series and a still excels as a stand alone one in its own credit.

Stylistically it is very different from other Marvel movies. Instead of the boy-toy-set look of Iron Man or Captain America, it goes for a look similar to Marvel's own Blade series, but with lot of added colours and better effects. I would say Doctor Strange is more Blade on acid.

Its about how the arrogant and ambitious Doctor Strange meets with an accident and ultimately acquires skill sets to bend time. As an origin story it's plot follows the text closely and doesn't offer anything substantially new. But it is the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character (he gave Robert Downey Jr. A run for his money) and breathtaking visuals that make Doctor Strange a compelling view.

Just think of the landscape bending scene of the movie Inception and imagine a movie made out 70 percent of such scenes. Doctor Strange is that movie. Most of the scenes are psychedelic and mind bending. However those who prefer combat scenes on the scale of Civil War may be dissappointed as there are not much of such scenes.

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