Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lessons in Coexistence- Bollywood style

Today I happened to see a Hindi movie- Hulla directed by Jaideep Verma. Movie is not a big budget trash that Bollywood churns out regularly like Dhoom 2 or the more recent Drona, nor is it the serious crossover self centric cinema like The Last Lear or No Smoking. If you are familiar with Rajat Kapoor kind of film making you can identify the genre of this movie. Its not a cinematic masterpiece or not even a good entertainer. It drags in parts, there is lot of overacting and hamming.

But the best part of Hulla is that it portrays the importance of Coexisting in the modern society. It shows how a very simple situation if tackled with some amiability can turn nasty and out of control due to egoistic and self centered approach by the protagonists. In the movie every one connected with the incident loses much...

Another movie which deals with same theme in a more popular and entertaining style is Taxi No. 9-2-11, starring Nana and John Abraham.

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