Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Class

Last day evening I was sitting with two gentlemen much senior to me. It was a very accidental meeting. I was in darkroom when they entered. There was no space for them and I was sitting alone. Waiter made them sit next to me. They were two aged guys talking in Kannada. When they asked me from where I was I responded that I am a Malayalee in Kannada. They were impressed and appreciated the fact that I learned the local language in so less a time. Then we started conversing. About life in general, career, their views about world and stuff like that. The kind of conversation that you will die for but seldom manage to do.

They were two senior advocates- contented advocates if I borrow their words. They earns what I earns in a month as just 3 hours consultation fee. Still they considered me as a mate. The elder person was speaking of the class. He told we belonged to a class, although we were different age, profession, earning or community. I could identify it immediately- it was the class of refined, content, emotionally matured people who are brought up with a cultured parentage.... That was the thing that connected us... We are a minority. But no one can miss us.

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