Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Legal Thrills

Last day I finished reading John Grisham's The Pelican Brief....

It is the first novel I read fully in digital format, as a Word file... and it is tiring... Your eyes feel exhausted and it is boring to read a novel in sitting position. May be I am reading one like that after years. But the novel is good.

This is my third novel by Grisham. First one was The Runaway Jury, which dealt with the dilemma of juries assigned to a tobacco litigation case. It was slow paced, but engrossing and had a superb climax... some thing that most popular novels lack... Many novels like Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, Ambler Warning and Sigma Protocol by Ludlum had a very lack lustre climax even though it progress in a very good way. Runaway Jury was good.

Next Grisham novel that I read was The Firm, that dealt with the dilemma of an advocate who gets trapped in a huge legal firm that serves bad guys. That was also a fine novel. But devoid of much details and information.

About Pelican Brief, it is a story about the murders of Supreme Court Judges in USA. Two high profile Judges are killed in same night by a pro who is suspected to be the most talented assassin in the world. White House puts the pressure on FBI and CIA to nab the culpirits. When they are making the list of suspects, a legal student researches and makes a brief about a leading pending case whoes outcome can be manipulated by the murders. The brief known as Pelican Brief when reaches White House puts President in real trouble as it can tarnish his image in the coming re-elections. Murder attempts are made on the student and her professer com lover is killed. A mob of killers are out on streets for the blood of any one who has seen the brief, and she has to expose the truth while saving herself from imminent death with the help of a news thirsty reporter who can go to any lengths for a scoop....

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