Monday, October 20, 2008

Anger Management

There is a dialogue in the Malayalam movie Adhipan told by a drunken Mohan Lal: " Wow, what a relief after calling some one a bastard."
I know it is true now because today I did it. The victim was HR executive of previous firm where I worked. I wanted to settle my old PF account, but due to a mistake from PF office, I recieved only a small amount as settlement. Thereafter it was a frantic running around for long 4 months now. I have to leave all my work and travel from Bangalore to Coimbatore and from there run around from PF office to HR dept of the company. A full day's work and a financial loss of around 1000 bucks.
Apart from that I calls PF office and HR office atleast once in 2 weeks. Each time a new guy attends the call and I have to explain him every thing from start. Ultimately last month I settled the things and was expecting the cash to come by this month at least. This week also nothing happened.... I called the HR officer today and he was asking me which PF amount I was talking about. Blood rushed into my head and I shouted to him what all came into my mind.....
After 10 minutes he called me back.... He started explaining to me and promised that he will personaly attend the case.
Moral of the story: "Only crying baby gets milk"

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