Sunday, May 22, 2011

GYM VILLE... Now in FaceBook

Always aspired for that six pack figure? Wanted to be a size zero model and sport a sexy bikini? Here is a chance to do that! Hit Gym Ville in Face book and earn the body figure that you always yearned for! Without sweating a drop or enduring muscle pain. 

Gym Ville is the latest social networking game that has hit the Face Book. You can develop your own virtual multi gym, with every kind of virtual accessories available in a regular, real world gym and more. You can choose your Avatar, make your own schedule with the help of a virtual trainer, work out and earn points for every pull up, push up and anything you choose to do! As you pile up the points, you can buy more equipments, decorate your gym or increase the size of your gym.

But the best part is that you can invite your friends to join you in work outs, hang around with them, visit their gym, help them in their work outs (extra points will be credited for this!), and even gift them a dumbbell or two!  

So what are your waiting for? Hit Gym Ville right now, and sport that six pack figure that you always wanted...!

Now to decorate your Gym walls, we have made available the wall posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Khali, Rajni Kanth (morphed), Mamtha Banarjee and the likes... A wall poster will cost you only 10 points. (This option is locked for beginners. It starts from 3 packs onwards only.)


  1. :D Funny.. WHat kind of apps FB is coming up with?
    Rajanikanth and body? Ha Ha Ha HA!

  2. Rajnikanth and mamata??? LMAO!!!

  3. Thanks for that post Harish. I can cherish my ice-cream without having to worry about my figure.
    BTW thanks for encouraging me to come back on my blog.

  4. Horrible, I hate all these things in Facebook. But I know people are addicted to them. I am addicted to exercise in the real sense.

  5. @ all: thanks for the comments, it is a spoof actually, nothing like this has started yet in FB... but I feel the idea has some potential..

  6. pwahah are one witty guy!