Monday, May 9, 2011

Source Code: Cerebral Entertainment

After the success of Inception, I think many aspiring movies in a similar line has started appearing. Source Code, directed by Duncan Jones is such a wannabe. Source code is a sci fi movie about a pilot going back into 8 minutes of past again and again to solve a crime, each time getting a missing piece of the jigsaw. 
The movie starts with a man waking up inside a moving train, unable to remember how he got there, in a stranger's body. There is a friendly lady beside him and a group of commuters around. After 8 minutes, the train explodes. He awakes in a capsule. Then he realizes he is working for a program called Source Code where he has to locate the bomb and the bomber by living again the same situation, for exactly eight minutes, till he completes his mission. Each time he goes back, he finds a bit more about bomb, bomber, his own past and Source Code.
 It is a well made movie, with enough plot twists to make you glued till the end. It makes you remember the German movie Run Lola Run, in which Lola lives 20 minutes of her life 3 times when she tries to save her boyfriend with different outcomes each time. Jake Gyllenhaal does a fabulous act as the confused army pilot who has to go through a tragedy many times a day. His acting has a boyish charm that really gives the otherwise serious movie a tone of normalcy. Vera Fermiga, as the lady who supervises and guides Jake, also gives a commendable performance. I did not like the acting of the scientist who invented Source Code. He hams pathetically.
If you like to exercise your brain a bit along with getting entertained, jump into Source Code and have fun...


  1. hi! from your write up, it seems Source Code is a nice movie... i'll try to look for that movie, i like Jake...
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  2. Nice read!.., I have heard lot abt this movie, the concept in real good..

  3. I went for this movie yesterday! I was interested in it when I saw the ads, but wasn't sure if it was just another "Inception". Your review made me book the tickets.

    I liked the movie. It made a bit more sense than inception and was well made.Looking forward to more such reviews and such movies. :)


  4. Finally you reviewed a movie that I have watched. Interesting premise but it was no Inception.