Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jeffrey Archer's Hanging Tales...

I had read in an interview with Jeffrey Archer that, every person in the world has a story to tell. And that is what he does with this delightful collection of short stories called And thereby hangs a tale. If you have been following my Blog for some time, you would have known by now that I am much fond of Archer. I feel he is a very good story teller. So this book has 15 tales happening around the world, some of them as I have told based on real stories that he heard from different people, some his own creation. 

Now I will not say that all stories are really great, some are predictable, some are not so eventful to the casual reader's taste (like the Indian love story). But all the stories have a peculiar readability factor which keeps them on. My personal favorite among the lot is Stuck on you, where a couple, rich girl and poor boy, trying to steal an expensive piece of jewelery, a plot twist that was detectable miles before,  but a climax that takes the breath out of you, where you think why did not I think of that one... 

Another good one is that story of wannabe golf pro who settles in an island, leaving behind his family business,   on the hope that one day greatness will dawn upon him. The drama, emotions, are just too good. I will recommend this one for a casual read.. Highly readable...


  1. It's been a long time since I read a Jeffrey Archer book - and I used to love him! I'll see if I can get my hands on this one! Nice post :)

  2. @priya: you will love this one if you like archer.. :)