Sunday, May 15, 2011

The snack for nights...!

Unagi Pie... A snack for nights!

That was written on the dark red box kept on the top of the cupboard. Unagi...? It is not the first time that I am hearing the word. In that ancient episode of Friends, Ross tries to impress the girls demonstrating a Japanese martial art technique called Unagi. Later they find out he is bluffing and actually Unagi is a Japanese delicacy made of fish, much like Sushi.

Last week, we had a group of Japanese delegates visiting our firm, who had gifted some cookies that we all shared among ourselves. I googled and found Unagi is a fresh water eel found in Japan, which they use in  cooking a wide variety of  delicacies, from Pizza to pie... We have some pure vegetarians in our place, and if they knew that they have eaten fish, even unknowingly, it may prove a bit embarrassing for them. If they have seen the pics of live Unagi that I have googled, even non vegetarians will have a bit discomfort.

Unagi: Live and uncut!
When I confronted the person who distributed the 'cookies' and explained him of my discovery, he replied with a mischievous smile that he had felt something fishy while eating it. I left the matter there. My sincere condolences to all those unsuspecting vegans in my work place who had a taste of this wonderful cookie. (BTW I was not able to find out why did they advertise it as a snack for nights...)


  1. That was really mean of that person to distribute a thing like that to unsuspecting people.
    Welcome to my blog, and thanks a lot.

  2. yuck!!! Such a mean person:((( Poor people who had to taste that...Welcome to my blog:) Follow me too:))

  3. He came to know it only after I told him. but then he liked the prospect :-)

  4. That really is very bad. Perhaps, we have to be careful when eating things we are not completely sure of.

  5. I am always very careful when I visit hotels which say 'multi cuisine'...always worried about some mix ups!

    The picture looks yuck!

  6. @all: but I loved the thing, the taste was different.. just was thinking what those veggie friends will say when they knows.. It had great taste and I loved it.. :)