Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Respond, or To React..?

I was reading this article on maintaining an emotional maturity in work place, when these two terms got into my attention- React and Respond. Two words that sounds similar, but the implications are totally different. 

To react is automatic, reflexive and mostly impulsive.
To respond is thoughtful, calculated, reflective and often positive in nature.
If we depend on reactions, we do not have any control on the situation. 
Like some one hits you, you hit him back, he and two of his friends barges into your home, kicks the shit off you, knocks down two of your front teeth and pisses on your expensive Persian carpet.

But response gives you total control of the situation. 
Now some one hits you, you bear it grinning, later you call two of your good friends, barges into his home at night when you are sure he is drunk and alone, beat the shit off him, knock his front teeth and piss on his expensive Persian carpet... See, now who won the war by giving a thoughtful, planned response...?
I started this one as a very serious post, but could not help it... sorry guys :-)


  1. At work place, they ask you to respond! They never ask you to react! Now, it makes sense!

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  3. I have the bad habit of reacting but haven't got beaten up so far....the front teeth knocked out are my dentist's doing....and I gifted away the not so expensive Persian carpet to my bro....my response. ;D made me laugh, made my day...
    Btw the deleted comment was by my other avatar forgot to sign off.

  4. the only thing tht goes well with everyone is " RESPOND"... we r trained since childhood ...so no issues...!!!

  5. I wish I could control my reactions and respond later....when I am in a better frame of mind. Some food for thought here.

  6. @nona: doesn't it..? lol

    @rek: thanks, nice to know you enjoyed the post. Tried to give some gyaan to people, but no way!

    @mingled minds: rightly said :)..

    @alka: thanks alka. patience is really a great virtue

  7. I have always been admonished for reacting to things. but it is sometimes damn difficult not to.