Thursday, January 20, 2011

Being content..


A sentence that you often hear in interviews, especially ones were the interviewee is a senior, well experienced person, who has reached on a top position by great hard work and toil. But I don't think I have ever heard this one, if interviewee is a beginner, some one who just tasted success and someone who is expected to reach on top after some hard work and toil.

Is this a coincidence, or is being content in your life is a feeling when you reach on zenith and are sure that what you are is the maximum possible to achieve? Is 'Being Content in life', a statement of accepting failure in front of old age? If a young person admits he is content with life, is he a loser or a quitter or is he trying to shirk off his responsibilities?

I believe being content is a feeling where you are at peace with people, nature, universe and yourself. It is not the feeling that you don't want anything more from life, but it is when you love what you are getting from life, and invest it to the most and gets benefited out of it- money, experience, affection or wisdom. Peer pressure, failures, back stabbing from friends does not affect you. You are eager to achieve success, but it is not for monetary gains or for show off. When you are a content man you aspire success because you know it is yours for the taking, and it cannot escape you, provided you walk towards it.

This feeling gives you confidence, relieving you of your fear for failure and humiliation. You know you are right and if proved wrong you are ready to gracefully admit and correct your actions, thereby leading to higher success. You completely takes responsibility to your actions and is reluctant to blame others for things happening to you. You gets proactive as you are not defensive. You are away from rat race and you can enjoy your time doing quality work. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, you have time for a walk in the early morning, or for appreciating a work of art. You cannot be compelled to do something that you do not like. You live your life with a set of principles that you stand for. You get respect and love from the people who enters your life because you are content with your life and they don't fear you harming them in any way.

That is being content... !


  1. rightly said i too feel being content is being at peace with ur self .. that you are happy with urself and all around u :)


  2. Content is a state of mind....very few of us even recognise the feeling....fleeting or permanent, its a nice feeling which even simple acts like playing with kids, cooking or even apiece of music can give you. good one this...

  3. Doesn't it sound a bit too perfect? :)

    I suppose it is the experience that comes from living life long enough to realise that bad things happen, good things happen, and sometimes there's nothing we can do about either. I don't think anyone can reach a stage where backstabbing or a good compliment ceases to affect him/her. A person who claims to be content with life still has their share of daily struggles, arguments, clashes, conflicts, happiness, misery, you name it.

    To borrow someone else's observation, 'being content' is a journey, not a destination.

  4. nice post
    good to know you are happy

  5. :) A lot of things act towards the state of being content! Since you have highlighted most of the points, I will not go further.

    But, one thing. You have started posting regularly on varied topics that goes through your mind. As a reader, there is variety here. :)

  6. Thoughtful post and you made me think about it, yeh even i have come across people (wise) saying this and what else we need in life than a contented life (its a matter of how we take life).