Monday, January 17, 2011

Comedy of errors.. !

Last day I happened to watch a modern version of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Although the name of play was quite incomprehensible to me, the experience was just awesome. We, audience were laughing our heart out and applauding from the word go. Each act, each dialogue, each minor expression from actors is that funny. 

An old man visits the Mayor, to ask his help in searching his son and servant who has eloped from home with money to start business. The man has one more son who happens to be twin brother of the missing son who went missing 20 years and back and the servant's twin brother too went missing with him. So in the town there are two pair of identical twins, and all hell breaks loose. Elder son, who reached town long back has married a rich man's stupid daughter and took to drinks after marriage gets on the rocks. The elder servant is an idiot. The younger brother who steals money from father is a bigger idiot and pisses off his younger servant, who happens to be a ruffian. And there is some Priyadarshan style running around due to the confusions.

The double role is the one that I enjoyed the most. How fast, they change their styles and how convincingly! Had an enjoyable evening. (Yeah and that Amitabh- Govinda starrer with similar story was copied from Shakespeare! Of all things in the world... )



  1. An old movie starring Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma was an adaptation of "Comedy of Errors"

  2. I am not able to recall the name of the Amitabh- Govinda movie! If I remember right it was a major flop! :D
    It's strange that I haven't been to a single play in my whole life! Would love to go for this one if they r showing it here.

  3. there was a hindi movie with sanjeev kumar I think in a similar story and it was hilarious .. dont know about amitabh starrer ,

    glad you had a good time ...


  4. @ramesh: ya had a good time :)

    @nona: is it? let me google the name

    @jyothi: watching a play is 100 times more interesting than a movie or tv, if it is professionally done. I would recommend highly

    @bikram: it is bade miyaan chhote miyaan.