Sunday, January 23, 2011

Growth: An organic concept


The magical word which makes everyone in this world excited. A small kid, a sprout, a family man, an entrepreneur, a shop keeper, a contractor or a politician. An organisation, a sports team or a nation. The aim of every one is to grow. To touch the horizon of greatness, of success. 

If you consider the phenomenon of growth as a natural process, it is very interesting to note how contrasting it is with the idea associated in present days with it. These days, everyone aspires for an overnight growth. Companies want to triple their growth rate every quarter, moms want their kids to be taller, stronger more mature than peers. A business man wants to earn profit the next day he invests. 

But if you observe closely how an organism grows, it is clear that growth rate is directly proportional to the life of the being. This may not be a very exact observation, but a very near to exact one. It is also a very gradual step by step process. A kid takes years to become a matured person, taking one step at a time to observe and start reacting to its surroundings and developing its mind and body from the time it is conceived in the womb. The turning of helplessness into confidence takes a time of atleast 20 years. Also important is the inputs that it intakes. Nutritious intake of food in right quantities, at right time, continual education required to develop the mind, all complements the process.
Now if the parents want their kid to start running in the age of  one and to defeat Viswanathan Ananth in ten, it is just over ambition. (Athimohamanu mone Dinesha.. as Mohanlal says in a masala movie). If they force feed the kid with more nutrients and over pressure to excel, it will cause more harm to the kid finally. 

In other systems also this theory should hold well. Like if you take the case of a start up, careful planning with achievable goals combined with a proper execution with sufficient inputs, qualitative and quantitative, and ethical transactions with their vendors and suppliers are essential for a wholesome growth. Otherwise the result is premature death.