Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Am I NOT a Movie Fanatic... !

@ Read your Blog, you looks a complete film fanatic.
Someone tweeted a couple of days back. Another comment in my blog asked me if I am a movie buff. I thought over it and came to the conclusion that I am not. I watches movies. I enjoy watching them. I have opinions about the movies that I watch. I try to convey these opinions through my blog, tweets, Facebook staus updates and conversations. Do these things make one a fanatic? I suppose not. So I tried to list out the basic character of a movie fanatic, if such a creature exists.

A movie fanatic cannot live without watching movies. He anticipates eagerly the release of movies. He makes it a point to watch the movies as early as possible. He is very enthusiastic about the genres that he likes. Typically, he will be a fan of some actor, director or a particular genre. He defends them in conversations at all costs. He feels let down and dejected when he watches a movie that never delivers his expectations.

Last month the number of movies that I watched fully, from starting to end, was... one, Myna. Yes it includes all the movies released in cinemas and the ones that they aired on TV. I never look forward to watching a movie these days. If I am free, no other personal or professional commitments are there to fulfill, if I feel like watching one, I will try it. I am not a fan of a genre or a particular individual, nor do I wait eagerly for a release. I like certain directors and actors. I feel enthusiastic about a movie only after watching it. I never feel dejected after watching a bad movie. (I try to get out of the hall half way if it is so hopeless.) I uses my reason when I gives an opinion on a movie, which I think a fanatic or movie buff seldom do.

Movie watching for me is not my life, it is a source of entertainment, inspiration, upliftment just like reading a good book is. There are better pleasures than movies. Good books, exotic food, travel, conversations with like minded friends are all more fulfilling than watching movies. But lattr is a convinient way of entertainment compared to others. Only a couple of hours lost, no much investment (of course, I don't watches movies in multiplexes, any movie, even a classic one is not worth spending that money!), easy access all contributes..
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  1. Well,
    I am sure the film fanatic must have all such characteristics :)

  2. Hey, I guess I asked you about being a movie buff. Movie buff is a movie enthusiast and it is wonderful to be one. Movie fanatic is unreasonably enthusiastic. Which is also great. Keep giving wonderful insights about films.

  3. People are talking about movie buffs and Movie Fanatics... Meet a guy who has watched just 10 odd movies in his life so far...
    I am at a wrong place I guess!!
    I got back from your comment at my blog to Indiblogger to Harish P I blog..
    Thanks for visiting!
    Have a nice day Harish :)

  4. very nice flow good article.....
    very nice flow good article.....
    very nice flow good article.....

  5. @All: thanks
    And a special one for Anu. You made my day

  6. I too am not a movie enthusiast. I haven't even seen the classic, good movies that the world talks about. It's only convenience, or an opportunity to spend time with some friends which at times takes me to the movie hall. In fact, it's for last few months only.

    True, there are so many things to enjoy and relish... art in various forms :)