Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being Proactive aka Prevention IS Cure..

"Mr X has ideas, see how he always find a way out in situations!" The voice of security guy whispered in my ear.

A bit of background info. Mr X is the senior manager of the understaffed maintanence department in the place I work. Right then he was standing in the middle of shop floor, giving instructions by sound and actions to some 15 odd workers and engineers, who stood surrounding him. He gave the appearence of the conductor of an orchestra, trying to put his musical thoughts into vocal notes from musicians around him. Tomorrow we have to despatch an important consignment and one crucial machine in the line broke down. His effort was to start the production line by combining some other machines of an adjacent line. He connected the machines by conveyours and made workers to stand in junctions to relay the work from one conveyour end to next. Mindboggling!

I replied to the security guy in whisper, " Mr X has got some really cool ideas. But if atleast some six months back, he had recruited competitive personnel, enforced regular preventive maintenance schedules and ensured the availability of machine spares in case of emergencies, we would never had faced this situation in first case."

Enough of rambling... enjoy these great songs from Amar Prem. (the kind of movie that they can never dream of making these days.) When compared to the acting calibre of Khanna and Tagore, all Khans and Roshans are nowhere in the picture..


  1. You will find many like this Mr X. :) Thank god it is not a rare breed!

  2. @aruna: Thanks for dropping in.

    @nona: Actually he is a pleasant guy, but just does not agree there is a problem..

  3. Nice. :)

    Songs are too good. :)

    Happy New Year.

  4. My all time favs..These songs r magical

    Have a great year, Harish.

  5. Soothing songs, one of my favorites... And you are so right about the acting calibre comparisons!!
    Have a happy new year:-)

  6. if only they take actions before... true.
    yeah wonderful videos :D

  7. @yamini: Thanks Yamini..

    @chandrika: Thanks for the visit and kind words. Wish u too a happy 2011

    @Alka: An attempt to scare me? I am scared :) thanks

    @Arti: Yeah great songs

    @Rajlakshmi: we all does this mistake. even myself..