Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, My Blog...!

Stagnation is gripping me strong these days (only on blogging front, personal front is non existant, career front is good, but not great as I hoped and want it to be, definitely not stagnant, with some strong choices to make soon!). I can sense it when I do not have any thing to post on, despite of lot of things- good and bad, happening left, right and around me. You can judge it when you see me posting on a movie that I watched months ago, or when I go on rambling on some random absurd stuff trying to appear funny or when "Blog" appears in the title of the post. These are all ploys to convince myself and readers that ammunition is still far from exhausted. It may be just a passing phase or may be the death bell of Conscientious Reflections.

It is not the want of subject, as our politicians, national and international, are giving enough fuel for thought, along with all stupid celebrities, news reporters, social midgets, and of course Wikileaks filling in. (You can sense my frustration when all I could come up about Wikileaks is an unwitty pun connecting it with a tap leak! Gross.) It may be the inability to give form to the thoughts, impatience to give time for ideas to germinate or even plain laziness of thought. A Blogger's Block as one of my good friend aptly coined it some time back.

Planning to watch some exciting and unique movies today. Let me see if they can unclog the block.

Till I come up with anything good enjoy this awesome track "Bang and Blame"...


  1. Tell us which one you saw...Heard that Phans Gaye Obama is a good one...That is if u watch Hindi movies.

  2. @Alka: Thanks for dropping in. Check my next post.

  3. Just take a break and you shall come out with newer ideas.

  4. @Ramesh: thanks dude :)

    @S R Ayyangar: Elated to have a visit from you sir. and thanks for the advise :)

    @Pramod: thanks pramod