Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I may never watch Guzaarish?

This time no review... I did not wach the movie.

And I never felt like watching it after seeing the promos, or hearing songs (songs are good, actually). After reading the reviews, I just gave up. Not that I believe reviews, there are times when I decide to watch a movie when a particular critic blasts the crap out of it. What may be the reason...?

I am no Hrithik fan.. Not that I hate him, I don't mind him being in a movie. Like, I watched Kites for Anurag Basu. But Hrithik being the hero alone is not a motivational factor to watch one. And Aishwarya... I can never accept that prettiness gives someone a right to act with the best of directors consistantly. But still I watched Raavan and hated it. Aishwarya is not a deterrant. "Kabab mein Haddi" rightly express my feelings towards her. Just spit out the bone, if you get what I meant.

That takes us to our directer Bhansali. I lost the respect to this man after watching Devdas. Pathetically unwatchable.. Khamoshi was too better with a dumb Nana. Although he redeemed himself with Black, I still  felt a bit put off by the European setting. Was that necessary?  Saawariya was a drag. Sony corporation's Bollywood dreams where shattered by this one. They closed their Indian movie making firm after it's debacle. Promos clearly indicates this latest movie is an assortment of all the worst things from his past movies- Devdas' silly sentiments, Black's aliens and Saawariya's fakeness.

And then the theme,  (after reading the first reviews) on euthanasia. It seems a magician is quadriplegic after a fatal accident and he wants to use his right for a dignified death. But is it a correct stand? For a theory we can assume that it is not wrong to award death to some one, who dont have much time left and is suffering very seriously by handicaps or severe pain. It sounds very convincing. But my question is this, who will decide that a man has no hopes or no future? Himself, his doctor or his family? Who is qualified for that? And if someone affirms it, what guarantee is there that he is right?

Brain dead patients whom doctors had certified dead has returned back. It may be a minority case, but still valid. If  the sufferer loses hope and decides to die, what makes it different from a suicide? How can the border line be drawn between a case of mercy killing and suicide? After all I believe suffering is a response to a situation by an individual. It is not a situation itself. Another person may, in the same circumstances fight with his will power to his fate and emerge victorious. (Imagine Stephen Hawking). There are plenty of cases where people with sever first degree burns throughout their body, went on to get cured and lead a normal life. There are cases were quadriplegic patients, bedriden for more years than the protagonist, bounced back.

The argument on Euthanasia will go on with lot of points argued for and against it, but I don't think I have to watch a movie with a loser deciding to commit suicide because life was unfair. (I still regret watching another loser, who drank himself to death some years back, courtesy our Bhansali)  I am satisfied with watching Andy Dufrane hoping to get out of The Shawshank Prison and working towards it for twenty years against all odds.         


  1. I still think they have to go a long way before they come to any decision. I watched the movie...I would give it 2 and 1/2.

  2. Really like your strong take on the issue. Appreciate it.

    The question, as to who will decide is valid. But in the movie, (yes, I was dragged by family to watch it!) the judge does ask ppl who matter. The doctor for 12 years tells, there is no hope of improvement and now and he has to live like this.

    The mother, the friend and the nurse (aish) eventually agree that his suffering are too much, and as a mark of love for this man, they agree to his request to the court.

    I don't like to call it mercy death... what is so merciful about it? why mercy?

    so, the answer is that a person of sound mind but with a body which is only a burden for him, becoz he has to depend on some one else all the time even for the basic needs of a human being, should be heard with respect and his view MUST be taken into consideration.

    It is more dignified to die than to live a life like that. Dear, it is easier to say one should fight, but tougher to feel one's pain.

    Ah, and about Aish!! u r right. I don't know why my friends said, she looks great! She is too dressy to be a nurse in the movie. Too glamorous for the role, her portrayal and of course her gait (reminded me of Lo'real Ad!!!) The role didn't suit her much. She looks nice only with that smile stuck on her face!

    take care


  3. oops! it was quite a long comment, didn't realise! hope u don't mind.

  4. the story line gives an unrecognizable pain in the mind..

  5. I am not going to watch this movie either! Never liked Hrithik or Ash. I liked sawaariya a bit better than Om shanti Om! But not a Leela fan either. To top it the story is depressing. Don't we all have enough sorrows in life, why pay to see more! You are right, giving up on life is suicide. Can't term it as anything else!

  6. i wud go with you all through on this one .. not a fan of the actor also

    and also i go to a movie to have some fun and pass time , i got enough tensions of my onw in private life and work etc so why get more dpressed


  7. I'm skeptical about Bhansali movies! I have stayed away from this till on.

    The subject of euthanasia is serious. But I do not think Bhansali is mature enough to handle it. But if it was Anurag Kashyap, it would have been a whole different scenario!

  8. Your question is thought-provoking that who has the right or the authority to decide. If a person who wishes to be granted death should not be viewed as suicide if the person is fully dependent on others and is no more than a vegetable. It is easy to say that they are losers but we need to see things from their point of view, too. This issue needs a more serious debate and thought before it is condemned or upheld.

  9. @UB: hm. the argument continues...

    @Restless: Hm.. its a bit long, but never mind...:).

    @Ramlakmi: :)

    @Jyothi: hm... thanks for the support.

    @Bikramjit: Thanks for dropping in. :)

    @Nona: Anurag Kashyap had already shown what he can do with mushy love stories like Devdas after that electrifying remake- DevD

    @Shas: Think of Stephen Hawking. He is a vegetable, Dependant on a speaking wheel chair. What loss would have happened if he had given up. Let us provide them support and a reason to live, instead of giving them an option to die.

  10. I am just back from the theater after watching Guzarish....from filmmaking point of view I loved it....the topic might be controversial but I had one seaky peeky doubt -

    if he is so ill and on dialysis then why do all this court business....just stop the dialysis....sure to go in 10-15 days...

  11. great thought, it is the easiest way :), but you could not have enjoyed the movie then...