Monday, November 1, 2010

Dude, where is my Dragon? ...

Happened to watch this incredible animation flick, "How to train your dragon", based on the children's book by the same name. It is the story of a young, timid Viking kid from the family of Dragon slayers, deviating from the hereditary occupation and mastering the art of Dragon training. The animation is top class, it has a very live action feel to it, the characters are believable and voice over is wonderful. 

The only one let down is Toothless, the dragon that Hiccup, the viking kid captures and trains. It does not rise above the animation level despite the enormous screen time it has. The other dragons, in some very delightful cameo appearances are more lifelike and evokes positive reactions from viewers. I especially love that psychedelically colored dragon which is defeated by Toothless. And the monster dragon that appears in climax is also too good. While watching the tired acting of Toothless, I was remembering Draco, the dragon from the movie Dragon Heart, voiced by Sean Connery, which was very lovable and touches the right chord of viewers. That is my second favorite dragon just a notch below the real life oriental dragon, Bruce Lee.

Among humans, Hiccup's father and the master dragon slayer, walks away with all applause. With the voice of Gerard Butler, this character is very convincingly portrayed. Hiccup is also a pleasure to watch. The characters of Hiccup's love interest and fellow trainees of the dragon slaying class are entertaining, though underdeveloped, but no complaints. I will wait to see more of them in the sequel, if they ever make it.

Dragon flying is the in thing in Hollywood these days, it seems. The visuals are very similar to that of Avtaar. It looks cool on screen...


  1. I still haven't watched it yet!

  2. Hiccup...toothless...such adorable names. And the premise of the story sounds interesting.