Sunday, November 21, 2010

A movie on my Life

Sunday mornings produces sudden flashes of creativity. Especially while you are lying on  the bed, when supposed to be getting ready for office, to fill in the shoes of an absent colleague, take up his responsibilities and land him in a bigger mess when he returns the next day. I knew today was such a day  when this thought came into my mind. Why not a movie on my life?..

It is a great idea.. These days biopics are the in-thing. Mark Zuckerberg, Nelson Mandela, Ed Wood, Che Guvera, Harvey Milk, Homer Simpson... What? Last one is not a biopic? I thought all these days... Well! forget it.. But if you make one on me, it is sure to generate a lot of buzz. I have envisioned the whole movie. It will be a serious commentry on the current events with a strong politial undercurrent. Almost a Godfather meets Austin Powers... 

I have even thought a great name... "The Anti- Social Network"... How is it? And the tag line is "He found out how to face Bhookh*".  But the greatest challenge is to find a suitably talented actor to portray the protagonist, some one who is sufficiently talented to give a serious, complex and at the same time simple performance... I hope that bearded dude in the movie "Hangover" will qualify, or that Khazak journalist from Borat...!

* For all those anpadh, gavar log who don't know Hindi, Bhookh means Hunger...


  1. Hey, I saw Social Network yesterday (sunday). Fine, it is a realistic movie. But two things..1. While these movies about one in a million entrepreneurs provide inspiration they do not tell the stories of the other million who could not make it.
    2.It was a house full, and I am amazed at the intellect and taste of metro audiences.
    Kudos...For people who ditched GOLMAAL to watch Social Network.

  2. why not can be assured of followers even in japan and germany....

  3. Or the "The Bhooka Naanga" desh starring Ms Arundhati.

  4. Interesting idea! :)

    Thanks for wonderful comments on my blog. :)

    Keep visiting. :)

  5. @All: Thanks for enjoying the post. Don't worry I won't attempt a movie. Got to do better things with my time :)