Friday, November 5, 2010

In the beginning was the 3G...

While looking at the profile of a fellow Indi blogger, I noticed that a recent post by him has won an absurd lot of votes, and many previous posts that I personally enjoyed and would have voted twice if the rules permitted where lying very low in the vine... Then I did some research, and found the reason, it was a post for the TATA Docomo 3G Life Blogger contest. Hm.. great idea, contest posts gets more votes, meaning, more visitors as opposed to other ones.. Thus I, who never contested with fellow bloggers, is up to enter this thing... if I lose I will end up with some visitors, if I win there will be some prize.. What is it?.. Rs 50,000! That is a nasty lot of money for a blog post.. Fellow contestents beware, I have entered the arena!!!!!

In the beginning was the 3G, and 3G was with God and 3G was God... Now you might have got a rough idea how much big this 3G thing is... 3G is coming to India powered by TATA Docomo... They have even booked his flight ticket in advance. Before 3G, obviously there was 2G, who came on Economy class of Air India and there was 1G, who was  called by friends, Romans and countrymen as G affectionately, (also may be because then they did not knew he will begot 2G), came in a ship that delivered rotten sheep skin from Ghana to a Nawab. (Why would a Nawab require rotton sheep skin from Ghana is still a mystery and historians are on the work...) This pretty much sums up the history part.

This 3G guy, will come to India and change our life, like how Coca Cola came and changed our life. (I am not sure how. I will find out and tell you another time, we should not miss our focus.) 3G life is going to be awesome, you can download lot of movies pretty fast.. (that is what they give in the contest page, in a blink of an eye, they wrote.) You can make lot of money bootlegging them and selling underground... And it seems marriages will  happen by video conferencing..(again from the same page). They did not write anything about the things after that... No, no, not that! I meant shopping for furniture, arranging kitchen. There was something about cars in that page, which I cannot recollect. Hm.. then.. Actually... Finally... So there are many benifits and our life won't be the same...

I am sure you are not satisfied with the advantages of 3G para, but thing is that I am not able to google, to collect more info, because I don't have internet connection right now and I am typing on Word... you know...! I will add them when I upload this thing on blog later when I manage to get somewhere there is connection. (If I does not forget it by then.) But in next segment I will tell you what 3G has done to other countries...

3G was in Dubai when they made Al Bhurj, the tallest building on the planet. There are unconfirmed reports that he was present in France while Eiffel tower was being erected.  Some secret CIA dossiers suggests his presence even when they were building Statue of Liberty... All the US presidents till George W Bush have sighted 3G in their dreams and Nixon was so scared that he wired the Watergate complex, resulting in that scandel... what was its name? I forgot!

3G gives colour to the butterflies, scent to the flowers, depth to the ocean, height to Everest, vastness to the sky... 3G is responsible for sun rising in East and setting in West, for the universe standing in the space and not falling down, for tides, black holes and tiny spot on moon... In short 3G is just second to Chuck Norris.... I think this para makes up to all that goof ups happened initially...

So guys, it is your duty to vote me and get me my 50,000... I am also ready to deal in a profit sharing basis with individual voters, commision agents are welcome to make a bulk quantity of people vote for me and earn some percentage of prize money...  


  1. hmmm intresting thing 3G.. wanna know more bout it... :D

  2. All right, pal. My vote goes to you for writing above the average BS on 3G I read on the Community. No, I don't want a share in the 50K booty you may land.

  3. @mingled minds: You can google. that was the suggestion given by the contest sponsers. :)

    @umashankar: Thanks dude:) but i opted not to enter the arena...

    @vivek: thanks :)had a blast writing it

  4. Reward or not, if it inspired you to write this post, it's worth more than 50K! :)