Monday, April 16, 2018

Mukti Bhawan: A story about death that teaches to live...

Mukti Bhawan is a lodge in Varanasi, on the banks of river Ganga, that facilitates the last days of elderly, who are ready to embrace their death. An old man realises his time has come and decides to live his last days there. But his decision forces his son to reluctantly take leave from his job and accompany him. This movie details their stay together at Mukti Bhawan.

A movie that's about death and the last days of people is expected to be bleak and depressing. But, surprisingly Mukti Bhawan or Hotel Salvation, as it is known internationally, neither. The movie, though having a laid back and leisurely pace, is vibrant and embraces life. It gives reassurance to its viewers that though death is a certainty, it is not something to be scared of. On the contrary, impending death is something that gives value to your life. The movie that starts off as a celebration of death, culminates into making a case to live our lives fully.

The movie, as I mentioned before, is slow, but interspersed with subtle comedy. The characters whom the father-son duo encounter are very real people. But it makes us feel that each of them are special in a unique way. It turns out to be a life changing lesson for the father and son. Their stay in Mukti Bhawan makes them to know each other more. The son gets to know the value of his life and his family. The father realises that though he has faltered as a father, he has made peace with it and still can prepare for his demise as a content person.

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