Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hate Crime in Bomb City

Human beings, in a historic perspective, always had difficulty in appreciating someone different from them. Those with different color, language, religion, political ideology or even sexual orientation are always looked upon with suspicion and even hate. Things are slowly getting better with passing time and these days generally we see that, being at least tolerant with the different other is a value that is held in a high pedestal.

One reason for this change is the more globalised world where distances are getting reduced with advancement in technology. Also, in the emerging consumerist world, it is always beneficial for all to keep the bridges open and promote more give and take of ideas, technology and wealth. Another contributing factor is the thought processes of people that is generally getting more and more radical, because of the wealth of information and knowledge available at their disposal compared to earlier periods of history.

Still we see cases where primitive hatred and suspicion of someone, clouding the judgement and causing acts of intolerance against others who doesn't subscribe to their views. Hate crimes still happens all around the world. Bomb City is a movie about one such crime, a true story that happened in Amarillo, Texas, where a young punk singer was killed during a brawl, overrun deliberately by a speeding car, driven by another teenager, someone with better approval from community, because he's an active athlete and conforms to societal norms.

For me the more painful part was that the killer was acquitted by the jury, who comprised of individuals who looked down on the rebellious attitude and dressing style of punk kids. They refused to consider the evidences and testimonials that established beyond any doubts that it was a deliberate murder. It seems that the whole community took part in the murder, as they looked down upon a bunch of kids who adopted a different lifestyle choice other than theirs.

Bomb City seems deliberately manipulative at times, by trying to force the goodness of its protagonist into our throats consistently. It plays out like a propaganda sometimes. But even if we overlook it, it is evident that the point the movie makes is valid. This is a movie that forces you to think deeply about the world with all its differences.

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