Thursday, October 21, 2010

HaiKu (or Low-ku?)

blood horizon;
spilled wine from
fountain of hope.

Puzzled? For the uninitiated, this is a fine specimen of Japanese kind of poetry, called  Haiku, very short and sweet and pretty tough to make....

For the well informed out there, this is a first time, amateurish attempt of a newbie on the much touted poetic style that originated in Japan called Haiku. Don't pounce on me, last day I happened to see this kind in a very popular blog, so the mind which imitates anything new that it sees, tried it...

All Haiku masters out there, put your comments for this Low- ku... (I know I have not followed the rules, the climate one or the syllable one... I really cannot find how many syllables are there in wine... 1 or 2?)


  1. I like I like :)

    explain me the last para of this post :)

  2. don't worry! all masters started like this..:D :)

    but ur poetry was nice..good attempt..

  3. @Anjuli: thank you. there are lot of rules for this thing. there should be a word to denote the climate or season. then it should be written in 5/7/5 pattern. there are another 55 rules which i did not even read. @tomz: thank you...

  4. low-ku??? lol.. that was witty :)
    well.. good attempt for someone who dint read the rules :P

    anyways, pls explain the metaphor that u've used..

  5. Oh there are rules as well? But it is tough to convey so much in such few lines.

    And for a first's good :))

  6. Nice post. :)

    Thx for visiting my blog.

  7. kool men.... i would love to try it out..wad r the rules firstly... liked the way u put it in the words..

  8. No clue about the rules. It hardly looks like poetry :)

  9. Ah.. I am one of those few still left on this planet who haven't figured out what Haiku (and all its relatives: Gogyohka or whatever) is all about.

  10. @yeshu: thank u.. actually, haiku should paint a simple and strong image in reader's mind, in turn giving scope to interpret it in a larger atmosphere...

    @purba: Thank u, complying the rules are tough..

    @manasa: thank u , enjoyed your blog too...

    @mingled minds: thank u ... this link is i think the best available on net about rules... but it is not compulsory that you should strictly adhere to it...

    @rachana: that is the beauty of it... with minimum words an image should be formed in reader's mind...

  11. @jean: hop in and enjoy the party...

  12. I came to your blog through Nona's space.
    Like you even I tried writing Haiku, read a whole lot of instruction, could not understand anything, but still, could not resist the idea and sent a Haiku poem to the expert, she blasted me pointing out all the mistakes, and she also explained patiently the same things I had read, still feeing dazed I finally gave up.
    What to do if one is perennially low q
    I like your style of writing .
    Have a great weekend.