Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bored to kill

Do anyone know the name of that Steven Segal movie that I watched last day, in the climax of which, the villain, armed to teeth, searches for him in an abandoned ware house for fifteen minutes, finally gets frustated and shouts, 'Come on, let us do this your way' and drops the gun?. Segal comes out and kills him with a karate chop...


  1. hahah i dunno..but the post sounded like a movie itself..excellent..:)

  2. :) I don't want to know the name! I want to see it! Steven Seagal movies were fun in the late 80's and the early 90's. Then he went down, down and down!

  3. no clues, but I can understand the feeling :)

  4. No idea but try searching youTube or IMDB for 'Steven Segal' you will get all his movies.:)

  5. @ Ramesh : thank u... I remember my first Segal movie, Fire Down Below. I watched the trailer, which was great with 2 minutes of karate and explosions. All of us so excited and flocked to the cinema.. I should not blame the trailer because everything that was in trailer WAS there in the movie and that was all... Two min action in a two hour movie...

    @Nona: This one was a decent movie for a seagal starrer... some nice action , good villain (the villain from last Indiana Jones movie- one in which Indie hides in a refrigerator to escape from nuclear bomb)... but climax... huge letdown

    @Anjuli: Thanks Anjuli... really bad feeling.

    @Sneha: I was really not interested to chk, but after seeing your comment, tried it. Movie name is Ruslan and released direct to DVD in 2009...