Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Attention please!

Some kids are desperatly in need of attention. What more glory is there, than always being in the limelight- a subject of discussion on every family gathering, on the dinner tables of neighbouring households...? The kid uses every arrow in the quill for this sole purpose, hits the bull's eye sometimes, but fails otherwise. When singing, dancing, poetry does not serve the cause, use plan B, use the swearings learned from friends. Parents may be embarrassed, but guests dig such performances. Kid basks in glory, while parents search for a mug of water to get drowned... I feel the latest comments of Arundhati Roy, that K ashmir was never a part of India, is such a tantrum...


  1. exactly ... she's just in search of little limelight, whats better than Kashmir ... (Aim this time is for international glory)

  2. please read and criticise:

  3. A very timely and important post..

  4. not really, I think she did not try and read history properly and made a statement based on her beliefs which were primarily driven by the sentiments of the locals in Kashmir.

  5. human nature paisa or fame ke LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGAAAAAAAA :)

    just shows how low one can get for a bit of fame

    wonder what our law says about such people ... but then on second thought the law itself is like her ...