Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Team : The Movie from past

Watched this new action movie in town, A Team, and had a BLAST! Great fun. Based on the tv series of the same name, A Team is the old action genre revived. Do you remember when real rugged men like Stallone, Chuck Norris and Arnold, and not metrosexual dudes like Vin Diesel, ruled the silver screens all over the world with daredevilry and non apologetic, politically incorrect, jingoistic movies like Rambo, Missing in Action, Commando? A team revisits the era, and how!
After a long time I am feeling after watching an acton flick to jump from a flighter plane or kick the nearest man available!

Do you really care about a story now? OK then it is the story of ATeam, an elite team of war veterans who are supposed to complete any missions (80 till date) given to them, thanks to the meticulous planner and team leader, Hannibal, played by Liam Neeson (remember Jurassic Park? The same guy). Accompanying him are flirty, naughty, Faceman Peck (Bradley Cooper), big, bad, black, brutal B A Baracus (Quentine "Rampage" Jackson), who is dead scared of flying and the mad, bad flighter pilot Murdock (Sharlto Copley) who has a special interest to scare the sh** off Baracus and a knack to pacify him for making him to fly by cooking delicious food...  The elite team is assigned their 81 st mission were they are betrayed by another team and left to decay in prison. Story deals with how they escapes, takes revenge and saves their ass. And to counter them, is comes Sossa (Jessica Biel) who also happens to be Peck's former girl friend. Rest all you should watch onscreen.. .

The package is irreverent, brutal, cliched, badly acted (except Liam Neeson) and politically incorrect much like any old action flick as I mentioned earlier, but engrossing and really funny. Action scenes are top class, with wonderful touch of humour and ingenuity added. The movie is break neck fast. Another retro addition that I saw in the movie is quoting a philosopher (Nietzche or Kant or some oriental philosophy) in between to add some depth in such lame manner that it degenerates to comedy, here Mahatma Gandhi is quoted out of context. 

I would like to mention two noteworhy scenes, one, were inmates of an asylum are given 3d glasses to watch a prison break movie and in the title scene, Hannibal enters into the hall tearing off the scene in an SUV and viewers clap, thinking it is a 3d effect. In another scene, the awesome foursome, hijacks a US aircraft and when the plane is almost destroyed, uses a military tank with 3 parachutes attached to escape. When parachutes are lost, they hits the earth without damage by shooting below and minimising the impact... sounds far fetched? In the movie, it is so awesome and comical that the scene almost manages to border surrealism.       

Wach A Team purely for fun. If you want a good war movie, with human interest go for Platoon, if you want realistic action watch Bourne Ultimatum. But if you want to prepare yourself for the oncoming ensemble cast, action extravaganza, The Expendables, watch A Team!


  1. From your review, I gather this is unpretentious movie! I am looking forward to seeing this for the bad ass action! :)

  2. Hope it becomes a good prelude for Stallons Expendables and fifth installment of did hard were they are planning to go lessr on graphics and more on action.

  3. hey der...new movie in town !!! m nt vry much of an action maniac so dont really think this is my cup of tea but it seems to be some kind of action brutal and bold and bloddy scripts.... nice reviwes buddy..surely they will help me some day to chek out some new movie...

    cheers..keep blogging.. :)..
    thanx for being at my blog..do be back soon :)

  4. thanks for the visit and the kind words. i am actually not an action movie maniac but this one took me back to my childhood and teenage. i prefer more toned down mellow kind of movies. any way visit you soon:-).

  5. I loved it too!
    its so funny!
    especially Murdoch! :D
    and i am a bradley cooper fan :| (i am a girl!)

    Thanks 4 checking my blog!
    will put a ab on urs!