Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breaking ice in Ooty

I was totally psyched that day, I was feeling like killing some one and eating their head.... I wanted a recluse. I went to a travel agent and asked him which is the best place to go for two days for total relaxation. The guy recommended Ooty, and I decided to spend some time there...

At first my plan was to get into a local train and just go to any remote place and spend a few days there, but a friend talked me out of it. He felt it was too dangerous a risk. So I planned to go to Ooty alone. I had in my life traveled to many places alone... I had also traveled as a tourist to many beautiful places.   But what makes this trip unique is that I am traveling alone as a tourist for the first time.. My last trip to Ooty, which I made with three of my best friends, was quite a memorable one. We went there without any plan and had a great time stopping and climbing hills, taking photos and doing all kind of things that people normally does when they are having a great time with their best friends.

I left from Bangalore in a Tamil Nadu govt bus and reached Ooty at 6:30 am. Checked in the hotel and after rest met the person my travel agent arranged there. He suggested a trip called Filmi Chakkar that covers movie locations where lot of Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movies are shot. I paid him and he assisted me to the Tempo Trax arranged for the tour. When I entered TT I was aware of the looks that I was receiving from families already boarded... Seven families and I am the only bachelor alone, stranded... And I knew this trip will blow up on my face... And to further increase the boredom a person was shouting to the guide in Hindi that he is getting cheated. The guy was a handsome middle aged man from Delhi, traveling with his wife and two boys.. I decided they are a team of troublemakers then and there and black listed them..

But luck turned soon... Our first visit was to Golf club.. There of course was the golf course and we all got down to take photos... There were two guys with horses who invited us to get on the horse and take photos. I asked them whether I can ride the horse. The guy agreed and I got on the horse and rode it for around ten minutes. He was helping to control the horse... That was the first time I got on one...

Probably that turned to be the ice breaker, all of them where quite friendly then onwards, especially the family from Delhi. The boys where quite friendly and by evening we had a great blast. Uncle and Aunty where also a nice and very friendly couple shattering my prejudices against them at the first look. Other couples where quite amiable and I even became the official photographer for one from Gulbarga. Another guy from Hubli, with whom I had a good rapport when I told I studied in Dharwad, was advising me to take remuneration for the professional expertise that I am providing them... Even the couple with a small kid who were not able to socialize quite well and were busy tending to the needs of baby, found some time to chat with me, they were curious why I was alone and I answered them I am not married and not made any kids, so I can afford to barge in any place alone.  


  1. hehehe
    sounds like a nice trip overall

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