Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stranded: A Mobile Game

Stranded is a mobile game which I downloaded last day. It is a long time since I have played any game, except Sudoku, that too once in a while. The plot of the game is similar to the television series Lost, I suppose, but I have never watched the series. Any way the game starts with a dream sequence from which the gamer wakes up to find himself and three others stranded in a remote island after a wreck. More people joins them with a possibility of a betrayer among them. Weapons and drugs get missing. They have to survive by fishing, hunting, farming and trading their produce with the aborigin tribals. And they have to uncover a horrible secret uncovered in the island before it is too late and island eats them all.

My favourite part is hunting where lot of birds, wild boars, snakes are to be killed. We can cook the meat and other vegetables that we farm... Trading is the strategy to win the game...A good time pass game...

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