Sunday, July 3, 2011

Turn Petrol Price Hike to Your Advantage..

Gas price is increasing sky high and along with it the price of anything and everything remotely involving transportation. The common man's already stooped spine is now looking like a rainbow with a single color- Black. But as you know Conscientious Reflections always advocates optimism in any pitch black circumstances. And to follow up with this tradition, I am putting up this post to show some ways in which you can turn the hike to advantage. 

One good thing about this hike is that gasoline products- Petrol, LPG and Kerosene will totally get eliminated from households,  thereby reducing the domestic violence against daughter in laws considerably. If you cannot even afford LPG for frying potatoes, it does not make sense to make a scheme for frying your Bahu! If we are lucky, may be there will be a truce between Saas and Bahus, till the petrol price comes down or the unlucky son's/husband's income increases drastically to accommodate the above said products in the kitchen again, though both the options seems unlikely in the prevailing situations. And there is an additional bonus being the stoppage to Saas- Bahu tele serials, causing the whole family audience, right from kids to grant parents, to enrich their vocabulary and cultural background by watching reality shows where young no-good teen agers and non existent celebrities abuse each other mentally, verbally and physically.   

To prevent the nation from going back to bullock cart days, the petrol barons of India can lead the way by introducing new schemes for tempting and promoting people to buy petrol. Ambani's Reliance can be the front runner in this venture as already they have made such a revolution 10 years back by offering mobile phones for 500 Rs, thereby making the most ordinary of the citizens vulnerable to prostate cancer and depression. Give the customer a vehicle free of cost, or with a minimum down payment ensuring they will buy the fuel from you for a stipulated period of time. Giving out Hummers will be the most profitable thing to do. 

Get a Nano for just Rs 500, if you buy it through your nearby Bharath petroleum gas station*.     Conditions Apply...

Financiers can start loaning money against petrol, like Muthoot financiers and Manappuram do using gold. You can go to the nearest office with a can of petrol, diesel or kerosene or a cylinder of LPG and get a loan for that. All this within 5 minutes. 

The Ad will look  something like this:
Muthoot Finance introduces Muthoot Petrol Loan. Loan within 15 minutes.. 
Manappuram stands for you... or drives...

On a serious note, at least now if we start curbing the dependency on fossil fuels and look out for more green energy sources, we can make earth a better place. 

I already started the endeavor with my new solar water heater. It does not work on cloudy days and early mornings, when I really need hot water to bath, but it is at least a start. 


  1. Who knows, we might have to see such days.... interesting read.

  2. very well written
    with nice ideas

  3. Solutions instead of complaints - that's what I liked about your post. Sounds good.

  4. Awesome ideas ! :D