Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being an Iconoclast...

An iconoclast is someone who lives against the conventions of society. Someone who breaks the icons.... They do things differently, creating new ideas from existing situations, which never occurred to others. In his book Iconoclast, Gregory Berns, a neuro surgeon, describes the biological specialties of an iconoclast that helps him in perceiving reality differently from others.

Brain uses certain shortcuts to analyse the information gathered by sensory organs to make its work easy. These shortcuts cause us to ignore or overlook certain aspects of things. But certain people tend to notice these aspects and some of them uses it to their advantage. They are iconoclasts...

According to the author anyone can train the mind to behave like an iconoclast, there by achieving creative success. The book has lot of examples of iconoclasts, successful and not, who changed the world against all odds.

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