Monday, February 7, 2011

Sanctum: THE disaster movie

Caution: If you are planning to watch Sanctum after seeing the poster claiming it to be from the Director of Avatar and Titanic, James Cameron, you are for a disappointment. Because Sanctum never rises above a B grade flick. Except in an initial ariel view of a gigantic cave in Papua New Guinea, in which our main actors descends for exploring, only to find out it is a really bad idea, it never makes you feel "Wow". The characterisation is nil, dialogue cheesy, situations pretty cliched, acting wooden, suspence predictable.

But on the brighter side, Sanctum is never pretentious, it never tries to be anything it is not and fails in the attempt. And one part of the story, the love- hate relationship between father and son is pretty good. Actually that is the only part in the plot that stands out. Other characters are the most boring people I have ever seen on screen.  Another strong point is visuals. Pictuization is quite eye capturing. Background score jarrs, especially in the suspence scenes. The story gives out a message that, whatever happens in your life, you have to go on. Which is quite inspiring at times initially, over done later on. The one thing I cannot make out is how Cameron is connected with this half baked mess! May be he rented them the set and equipment of his initial hit movie "Abyss". Unable to pay rent, the crew may have agreed to share the profit, if any (which I doubt! There were 15 people in an evening show on a sunday!). 

Sanctum delivers what it promises. It is a disater movie and quiet a disaster it turned out to be.    


  1. ooops someone is not happy watching the movie :)

    Thanks for the info ..


  2. The film is from Cameron right? I saw Titanic and Avatar. I loved the former and disliked the latter.

  3. Cameron is ok...not great....his is more love stories woven into technology...