Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flashes of insane thoughts...?

The lizard on the ceiling boasted to the man beneath: "Weight of this ceiling is safe on my shoulders..!"
The angry man shouted back: "Get off my ceiling, you filthy reptile."
Precisely the moment lizard got off, ceiling fell! 
I am not sure whether the man got a chance to curse his foolishness for making a pillar-less ceiling, there by giving a chance to the reptile for shouldering its weight. 

I know why the flap of my ears are open outwards. If it was inwards, I would have turned insane hearing the shouting of my brain.

Marriage and funerals- two rituals that I find very boring. Sometimes I wonder if I can sit through at least mine.. !

Recently I saw myself,
on a mirror on the wall. 
Realized that I am watching myself, 
after many years, 
may be a decade. 
And I cannot recognize him, 
this stranger, 
on this mirror on the wall...

People say they are afraid of uncertainties...!
Then why are they afraid of Death,
Which is the only certain thing in life...

The title of Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction should be Pulp F#ction..
Yeah, it was a bad joke,
I mean, It was a f*$#@in bad f$#@ed up joke, you muffin...


  1. well said..uncertainty is the only certainty:)

  2. Power of brevity...lovely. Try Ginger Chais 55 contest.

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  4. they are perfectly sane thoughts in my opinion...people are scared of the uncertainty of heaven/hell or an empty void...I get cardiac arrest every time I see myself in the mirror....have stuffed unhappy reminders..old albums in remote corners... :)