Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught in the web: Attack of Micro blogs

The final installment in Caught in the web trilogy.

So by the end of 2008 I had just joined Facebook,where I was alone, started a blog in Blogger, the one that you are reading now, and was using orkut as the main link to connect with the virtual world... In orkut usage, I had by the time totally stopped using communities, where previously I used to socialize a lot and where I got a few good contacts too. Another couple of sites that I didn't mention before which I had joined, but never used much were job sites. I had account in Naukri, Monster and Times jobs. Never came to any use. And also a profile in thanks to my sister, in which I did not had any hand!

Blogging was the most challenging endeavor... You need to find a subject which is the most toughest process, develop it into atleast some 100 words, tell it in such a way that people will connect with it and ultimately typing it without much spelling and grammatical errors... phew... But the satisfaction when you get a comment on blog is just awesome. Even if it is just a review on a book, when a comment comes that someone I never knew will read this book after reading my review is a sign of some personal achievement. Initially for around a year, very few people used to visit. These days it is picking up. I have joined some sites were you can promote the blog and interact with fellow bloggers, like Blogger,, blogadda, networked blogs, entrecard, were you can get to meet and read some fabulous people around the world who want to announce their voices to the world...

The only temporary stoppage in blogging was caused by a new inventive site that allowed to blog spontaneously, in small sentences of 140 characters... Yes, Twitter... I joined twitter around middle of 2009, and got hooked soon, although initially I was alone there too. I liked twitter because unleashing yourself was too much easy there.. no need of thinking and planning your words, just put out what is in your mind and forget it... yes that was the problem, tweets are like those droplets of mist in the daybreak, no life..... How many of you cares for those tweets you made a year back or even a week back? All those tiny part of your mind, let alone, orphaned in the twitterverse... it was a painful thought for me.. these days I have reduced microblogging... may be just to promote my macro blog... or to reply some friend's tweet, or to catch up with some friends... 

So after the realization I came back to macro blogging with a bang..... And as I knew when I made my Facebook account way back in 2008 Jan, by 2009 end it was surpassing Orkut.. Lot of my friends came to Facebook and lot of time and energy and money were spent in virtual farming and killing people, thanks to addicting Zynga games Farmville and Mafia Wars, for some time... Then life became normal again...These days Facebook even serves the purpose of twitter, but with lesser restrictions and more flexibility, like "like" and a facility to comment... my only regret is that there is no Unlike option there. It would have been great. 

The last social networking site that I joined is, a quiet cool place were you can discuss on my favorite subject, with lots and lots of equally fanatics... BOOKS. Now this is the place to be if you are a book lover... a great, understanding, supportive community.

There are few more sites that has to be atleast honorarily mentioned here... how can they be avoided when these sites occupy 80% of internet? hm... porn sites. I would just mention hereby that like any young guy I too had my share of adventures with them, but as the time passes, was able to come out of it unscathed. 

Last decade internet had been a major changing factor, in the life of many people around the world, changing it for good or bad... Like any inventions this too has its downside. I believe three terms will explain atleast most of it: Spam, Scam and Stalking. Spam can be avoided or neglected although it irritates like any thing. As for scam, I genuinely feel that if some one was cheated in scams, they probably deserve it. Finally about stalking, in my case there was only one incident where one person, with a female fake profile tried to abuse me in Orkut. Months later he tried to contact me with his real profile. I could find out this was same guy by the same wordings he used in the scraps that he send me. Now if some one I know hates me and wants to stalk me it is the problem of his mind, not mine, he has to deal with it. Hope he gets the will to do that...

This story never ends... more sites and new adventures are being loaded day in day out... waiting with anticipation and praying those novel things not turn up like were perverts all over the world are on the vigil 24X7 for the unsuspecting visitor, to scare the hell out off with naked genitals.

There ends my trilogy of Caught in the web. Hope I did not crash land it the way they did it with The Matrix trilogy, some how trying to end the sucker...


  1. Wow! That was a time travel.

  2. superb post bosss..really enjoyed reading this...

  3. Blogging in all forms - macros and micro - is very rewarding and relaxing. :)

  4. Very informative, got to know about a host of blogger's platform.

    Yet to join twitter, don't think I will :))

  5. Well, read through just this part of the trilogy and boy, it was a sort of 'your' history. Glad to know something about you through this post.

    Thanks for coming by my place and following. It is an honour.

    It's definitely great to interact across ether and finding topics to keep it going. Hope the journey has been engaging you well.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the week :)

    Joy always,

  6. @R Ramesh: TThank you Ramesh. Do come back soon

    @nona: hm.. good. I used to like twitter a lot, but my only problem is the life of tweets is far too less compared to those of blog posts

    @purba thanks purba, but I feel you should try twitter too. it is a great place.

    @ susan thank you very much... i am having a great time as you. return soon...

  7. Well said.. i have tried almost every other site, and never satisfied.. My blog is the one that gives me satisfaction, even though i don't have much followers.. Expressing something you feel to express and others get it too, is a nice feeling.. What Say..