Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fist of God

Finished Fist of God by Frederick Forsyth last day...

The thrills are good, fast paced and little more better than Afghan, its sequel. In this novel SAS man Mike Martin infiltrates Saddam's regime in Iraq while the annexation of Kuwait and subsequent drama is unfolding. Allies have a traiter in Iraq, someone from top of Saddam's circle who provides valuable military information for money. No one knows who he is, only that he operates under code name jericho. Martin's job is to enter Iraq posing as an Arab, and transfer information from Jericho. Special interest for Allies is Qubt Ul Allah or Fist of God suspected to be a WMD possibly nuclear that Saddam has made especially for Allied troops.

Forsyth writes novels based on historical novels with many real characters and some fictional elements and mostly succeeds in pulling out controversial entertainers. In Afghan Mike Martin enters Al Quaida camp posing as an Afghan. That book is also fine, except that action is less and mike doesnt do any thing much heroic as in Fist of God.

PN: I am tired of reading all these pageturners. I would really love to read some thing real and good, may be a biography or some kind of classic. Where can I get one?

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