Thursday, November 17, 2016

True Memoirs of an International Assassin

Normally, before watching any movie,  I try to do a preliminary research, basic things like it's genre, the lead actors, director, critical reaction etc. But when I sat to watch the 2016 movie True Memoirs of an International Assassin, I was blank. I had never read any reviews,  didn't know if it's a serious biopic or an action comedy, didn't even know who the lead actor was.

The first scene looked like a genuine action set piece. But when I saw the action hero, I couldn't help exclaiming loudly, "That's the Mall Cop!.." It was Kevin James, the guy who acted in the two awfully bad Paul Blart: Mall Cop movies and in several other equally bad Adam Sandler movies in supporting roles. I was planning to stop watching it then and there, but by then the setup of the movie got interesting.

Kevin James acts as an author who gets a writer's block when he reaches the climax of his first spy novel which is narrated in first person. In a conversation with a friend, he gets the idea to make his protagonist The Ghost, a mysterious assassin whose legends are famous. His novel titled, Memoirs of an International Assassin is mistakenly published as non-fiction and become a best seller. He is abducted and taken to Caracas, where a revolutionary, played by Andy Garcia, is convinced that he is the Ghost and gives him a contract to kill the Venezuelan president. But our man is soon to realise that he has become a pawn in an international conspiracy involving a cruel drug Lord,  bad police men, dirty CIA agents, a power hungry general and an uninterested president.

The movie is nothing great to speak of. It is a good one time watch thanks to Kevin, who unlike his previous pathetic attempts, display some genuine comedic skills here. He is ably supported by all the supporting actors. Andy Garcia had a funny role. He seemed to be enjoying the silliness of it. Comedy is light, silly and thankfully not tiring most of the times.

Unfortunately, the movie and it's hero reminds you strongly of Spy, the 2015 action comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Statham which also has a fish out of water plot and is more funnier.

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