Friday, November 4, 2011

The other side of history...

The Other Side of History is a play directed by Prakash Belawadi, based on the play Hindi play Baaki Ithihaas by Badal Sircar staged at Rangashankara, Bangalore. 

It is a striking examination of middle class mentality. The main characters are a middle class husband and wife Sharad and Vasanti, both academics waiting for the big break. One day they read in newspaper about the suicidal death of a college professor, who was their acquaintance some time back. Vasanti, an aspiring writer, starts writing a story imagining  the reasons of  the professor. Sharad, after hearing her version of the story, does not feel it is right. He thinks of another story. Finally the dead man's ghost appears and narrates the real reason of his death. Sharad seems to identify himself with the plight of the dead man. 

The play make the spectator think about the plight of a common man, leading a common life, when lot of uncommon things happen around him. Violence, war and blood shed and all the unjust world, though seemingly not affecting him, causes ripples in the consciousness. A meaningful, well acted attempt, though not as gripping as it should have been.    


  1. good one .. will have a look when i can get hold of it


  2. Sounds like an interesting play. I hope it comes to Mumbai, so that I can watch it.

  3. the play has a good theme..though I have heard about stories of the same theme..

  4. Interesting! Shall try to watch it once:)

  5. Sounds interesting! It could be portrayed into a gripping play. Light and sound can be used to the max I believe.

    Thanks for your visit and cheering comment:)