Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reading in Bangalore...

I have always been passionate about reading, which is evident if you have been visiting this place often. I should thank my parents and relatives who have brought me up by supporting this passion. If I get a book about anything, I will sit in a corner and devour it without caring a hoot about the world. In my childhood it was those Malayalam children's weeklies like Balarama, Poompatta and many of them like Chandamama that I used to satisfy my pang for the written word. In fifth class, I joined in two libraries near my home and serious reading began.

And what a coincidence! Now after decades, in Bangalore I have joined two fantastic libraries and am juggling my spare time between the books supplied by them. Both are professionally managed ones with an impressive catalog.

Before joining them, I had been getting my regular supply of books from peddlers on street. You can buy two books for Rs 140, and if after reading, when returned you can get half your money back or one book of your choice. Bargain was ok, but quality of books are really bad and the choice is limited to popular ones, which I do not have much interest in reading.

Then I happened to see the site of Librarywaala, and checked out the plans. I just tried to join and left half way. You have give some personal details and can join by paying through net banking. I just gave the details and left it there. Next week someone called from their office and they had a new year offer. So I opted for a 3 book plan per month and joined. Mr Manjunath came all the way (around 80 kms up and down) to my office to collect the payment and  deliver the first set of books. And from then on I am regularly getting 3 books every month delivered at my home. Service is good, you can order by internet, no fuss... The collection is also quite good. I especially love the non-fiction segment. They have a variety there! Fiction is also good, but limited to popular ones. I cannot get much of Camus, Kundera or Marquez there.  

Then I discovered that there was another library just behind my home. It is called Just Books. They too have a site and you can order books and get door delivery, but for preferred memberships only. I took a membership for unlimited number of books for Rs 150. The main attraction is the kiosk on the entrance where you can place your book and membership card and issue or return your books. You can search for titles and if they are not available in that branch, it can be ordered from any other branch, where it may be available. Here, non fiction department is not so strong, but fiction part is impressive. You name it and it is there. 

So things are going pretty strong in the reading front and you can see the result in blog. 


  1. You seem to be an avid reader.
    Best wishes !

  2. I used to be a subscriber of some time back... But later I have become a huge fan of

    As of now, is the best option, though I wish they will get me the books faster when it is not there in their library !!!

  3. great.. goood I m sure a lot of bangloreans will be beniftting from the libraries :)

    happy reading

  4. same pinch:-) love reading too. even a piece of old news papaer that came as packaging to something!nie write up. liked it. informative too.

  5. I know about Justbooks. Librarywala is new to me

  6. Cool post for locals :))) Useful. Keep reading.

  7. I am also passionate about books..Though nowadays I dont get enuf time to read, the passion to walk through the silent corridors of libraries still rejuvenates me..

  8. Its been months since I read a book! Sigh!

    Definitely a good idea. I wonder if they have branches here. :)

  9. Sounds awesome - do they get books for people in Delhi too? - would love to know.

  10. This is the worst ever library I have come across. Please if anyone is thinking of joining it, don't do so and save your money. These Librarywala people know nothing and will never ever be able to provide you a decent book that you had like to read. They will just loot you of your money and harass you by their replies on your queries. I haven't received a single book I requested for in the 4-5 months of my membership.
    Believe me its an utter waste of money and time.