Monday, May 3, 2010

Two novels by Female writers

Keeping Faith By Jodie Picoult:
Heard a lot about the author and her novel My sister's Keeper which was made to a movie. So while taking this one to read I had some expectations. Even though there is good suspence and emotions I personally dislike the novel. I normally dont like the faith, church, miracle stuff, and there is no serious discussion on any of this in this book. A Jewish child just after her father walking out of their home when caughted red handed in adultery begins experiencing some out of the world experiances. She sees an imaginery friend, recites passages from Bible, gets stigmata and shows healing powers. Her mother wants to protect her from the media frenzy , her father feels her mother who was mentally unstable some time back is behind this and wants the kid back, an atheist TV reporter desperately wants to prove it a hoax, Christian priests wants to know why a Jewish kid is selected for this, and thousands of devotees flock to their home making a mess of their lives. Their is nothing wrong with the story or narrative but I am not for the Faith stuff.....

Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel:
An old and dying attorney approaches a private detective for finding three women who happened to be sisters at their birth. They where separated long time back because their father who was once a soldier while marrying their mother who is French, and later became a highly successful actor killed her. They were adopted by three different families in three different parts of the world. The attorney feels that he could have avoided the tragedy and wants to amend his misdeed before his death. The detective starts a race against time to confront the sisters who dont even remember their ill fortune.
It is a good story, but only problem is that all characters are basically of two types, those who have an ego and those who dont. This difference is responsible for all the twists and turns in the story, which makes it sort of preictable.

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