Monday, April 26, 2010

T D Dasan - A whiff of fresh air

Saw this jewel of a movie just now. It is a rarity these days, watching a simple movie, that is made by people who believe that images makes a movie, not dialogues. A brilliant effort, only doubt is how many will watch this. The movie deals with lot of matters from adolescence to protest against corporations to problems faced by a single mom and a lot more... Still nothing is overdone, causing a lot to be imagined by viewers themselves.

Movie starts with a letter arriving at the residence of a budding filmmaker in Bangalore . A letter written by a small boy to his father who ditched him and his mother years back. The film maker's daughter tries to find the real addressee, the boy's father, but fails. She replies the letter disguising herself as the lost father. The kid, when receives the reply, believes that his father is writing them. The ripples these letters creating in their life is far more than his mother can handle. When the film maker knows what is happening he is at a dilemma. There is also a subplot where the filmmaker plans a movie based on the letter and that forms a movie inside the movie.

The director has made the movie multilayer-ed creating a sub story for every one involved, but there are no flashbacks or other gimmicks. Some bits of dialogues or some facial expressions gives us hints but gaps are left for us to fill. This makes all the characters 3 dimensional and believable.

The actors are a fabulous treat to watch especially Shweta Manon as the boy's struggling mother who don't know to express her love to her son. The kids have done a great job. The movie can be likened to the another of my favorite under-rated Malayalam movie- Ormakalundayirikkanam (There should be memories), which is also about a child, but targeted at adults.

Director Mohan Raghavan has delivered a movie that puts behind most of the Malayalam movies released recently leagues away. Only worry is if such movies are not the future of Malayalam movies, it is soon history.

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